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2019 Arnold Amateur World Championships Events

Strongman Corporation announced most of the events for the Arnold Amateur World championships which takes place in Columbus Ohio on March 1st – March 3rd on their Facebook event page

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Entry will be available no later than Monday. I am waiting on the weights to posts. The hotel and hotel code will also be on the entry. Weigh ins and check ins for all athletes will be on Thursday February 28th. There will be NO checking on Friday.

Day one, all athletes March 1st
Log clean and press for reps. One clean and press for reps
Farmers Walk

Day 2 March 2nd
axle deadlift for reps
Carry (mouser block) 60’ arm over arm sled pull 60’

Sunday main stage
Events posted Monday


Day 1 Friday (All athletes)

Weights noted are given in pounds
Log Clean and Press for reps- Athlete must clean and Press each rep. 60secs
LWW 145
MWW 175
HWW 215
LWM 260
MWM 295
HWM 330
Farmers Walk- Athlete must pick farmers and carry 60’. Front of the implement must cross the line. 60 secs
LWW 160
MWW 185
HWW 210
LWM 275
MWM 310
HWM 340

Day 2 Saturday (All athletes)
Axle Deadlift– 60 seconds. No suits or briefs allowed. Straps allowed
LWW 375
MWW 405
HWW 450
LWM 550
MWM 625
HWM 700
Mouser Block Carry and Hand over Hand pull- Athlete must pick and carry block to mat, then Arn overflow arm sled. The block must be placed on one side on the mat. 75 secs, 60’ each 
LWW 160-250
MWW 190-290
HWW 220-320
LWM 325-400
MWM 360-475
HWM 390-550

Day 3 finals Stage top ten open men, top four all other classes

Mystery Event
Axle, Barbell, dumbbell press medley. (Weights coming soon)

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