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Strongman Guide To Black Friday 2021

Here are some of the deals we have found for Black Friday from ourselves and our friends.

How To Simulate A Viking Press

Have a Viking Press coming up in a contest without the actual implement? Or simply want to try a different overhead press variation. Check out the video below on how to set up a Viking press simulation in any gym.

Strong Talk Podcast 95: Pat Davidson

Pat Davidson is a Strongman competitor who has competed at the Arnold World Championships but more than that Pat has a PHD in Exercise Physiology and one of the smartest people in the sport. This episode is packed full of information so get out your notepads and get ready to get stronger just from listening. …

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The Biggest Mental Error In Competition

By Terry Rady I’ve seen it one too many times, a young come up who’s on a mission to beat someone in particular. These people are full of energy, piss, vinegar, and a fight. It’s a special mental state everyone experiences in this sport, but learning to utilize it is key.

Crossfit Games Announces Event 7 “Strongman’s Fear”

The Prevalence of of Strongman implements at The Crossfit Games has been on the rise for the past few years but the announcement of the 7th individual workout for 2017 “Strongman’s Fear” is by far the most classic Strongman style event yet.

Cardio For Strongman

By Drew Spriggs  I’m going to call it straight off the bat – I absolutely despise cardio. That being said, given the number of strongman/powerlifters/strong mofo’s who have died an early death due to “unknown heart conditions”, I decided that after competing at GPC Worlds in Las Vegas this year I’d step my cardio game …

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5 Reasons Why You Keep Losing The Truck Pull

By Mark Jones  A machine is anything with moving parts that uses energy to do work. Like in any mechanical system, no machine is ever 100% efficient. [1] This means that the energy put into the machine, is always greater than the work accomplished by the machine. Just because a machine requires the most energy …

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5 Reasons Strongmen Should Sumo Deadlift

By Drew Spriggs  This article is undoubtedly going to be the most controversial thing I’ve ever written, so I’m going to come straight out and say it – all strongman competitors SHOULD be sumo deadlifting. Now I have gotten your attention (and probably all of your hate), let’s look at my arguments for the sumo …

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