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Arnold Strongman USA (Santa Monica) Athletes, Events and Info!

The event is less than a month away but the details are now announced for the last minute qualifier for the Arnold Strongman Classic. The event will take place at the Santa Monica Pier on January 19th  and the final 3 spots for the Arnold Strongman Classic are up for grabs.

Rogue Fitness trademarking STRONGMAN: The Sandbag Controversy

News broke yesterday morning that Rogue Fitness had applied for a trademark on the word STRONGMAN in Europe and had already been granted in The United States. A lot of speculation and accusations began to fly so we reached out to Bill Henniger of Rogue Fitness for some answers.

Wheel Of Pain Rendering! Event For the Arnold Classic

The events for the Arnold Classic were released earlier this year which included two brand new events. One of those events was said to be a recreation of the “Wheel of pain” from Conan The Barbarian in which Conan pushes a wheel around in a circle. Bill Henniger of Rogue posted a rendering of what they …

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Transgender Athletes In Strongman Corporation

Transgender athletes participation in different sports organizations has been a hot topic over the last few years and this morning Strongman Corporation announced its policy.   See below for the new policy transgender It seems well thought and about as fair as it can be on a sensitive issue.   Visit StrongmanCorporation.com  for upcoming contests …

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Iron & Stone Strength Tack Shirt Review

Iron & Stone has a tack shirt to help you with various Strongman events such as log cleans, stones, yoke walk, and more. So how well does it work?

Q&A: How Strongwomen Can Increase Overhead Press & More

In this video I answer Instagram questions such as how Strongwoman can increase their overhead press, why natural federations are pointless how to make middleweight strongman more popular and more!

WATCH: Kevin Hart Train Strongman With Martins Licis

Watch Kevin Hart along with Rhett & Link lift some atlas stones and pull a bus while being coaches by Martins Licis

Strong Talk Podcast 115: Brittany Diamond

Brittany Diamond is a professional Strongwoman who took third place in the middleweight class at Worlds Strongest Woman U82kg. Brittany talks about her start in the sport, progressing, coming back from injuries her coaching and more.

Strong Talk Podcast 105: Andrew Clayton Worlds Strongest Man U105KG

Andrew Clayton is professional Strongman in both the heavyweight and middleweight divisions.He is fresh off winning Worlds Strongest Man 105kg. Andrew talks about his approaches to training and competing, weight cutting and recaps his dominating performance at Worlds Strongest Man 105kg.

We Mock Our Weaknesses To Mask Them

By Kalle Beck Recently, I ┬ámade a video about how Strongman competitors and strength athletes should do more low intensity steady state cardio. I did this because I see the question asked frequently, and judging from the answers, most people either give suggestions which are not LISS cardio or they mock the idea of cardio …

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