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Titan Fitness H-PND Upright Rows & Rolling Tricep Extensions ( Reverse Hyper )

A few Different uses for your reverse hyper or H-PND Pick up a Titan H-PND on Amazon https://amzn.to/2RFgvD9 Titan Fitness https://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8761274/type/dlg/https://www.titan.fitness/strength/specialty-machines/lower-body/economy-h-pnd/401027.html The above our affiliate links and any purchases made through them I will be compensated. Thanks for the support! Become a supporting member for exclusive content and features Sign up For Strongman Coaching or …

Titan Fitness H-PND Upright Rows & Rolling Tricep Extensions ( Reverse Hyper ) Read More »

How To Press A Circus Dumbbell

Learn some tips and tricks for perfecting the Circus Dumbbell by watching the videos below

How To Do A Face Pull

A common exercise that is often performed wrong. Watch the video below to make sure you are performing Face Pulls correctly and not making common mistakes.

How to: The Dicks Press

Despite its odd name it provides a lot of time under tension and is a killer tricep finisher. Watch the video below for how to do it.

How To: Reverse Ring Flies

Try reverse ring flies to strengthen your upper back and rear delts which are key to a big overhead press.

How To Continental Clean

The Continental Clean is a necessary evil to clean heavy weights on an axle which doesn’t rotate like a standard barbell and is thicker in diameter. Watch below for some tips on how to Continental clean.