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OPOVE APEX Massage Gun Unboxing & Review

I have been sent about a dozen Massage guns to review over the years and most seem to be roughly the same. When I am sent a new massage gun to review I have pretty low expectations but the Opove Apex did surprise me. It is very quiet and powerful and seemed to get a …

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Twin Stim OTC Review TENS + EMS Unit!

I reviewed the Tens 7000 unit a few months back which has been very helpful with relieving pain in my low back and helping me rehab a back injury.  My wife has pretty much claimed it, as she loves the thing.  Having had 3 back surgeries she still has issues from time to time, especially …

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Spud Car Carry Strap First Test

If you find yourself in the lucky position of having a car carry in an upcoming contest (how much cooler is that than a yoke?) Spud came up with a new strap system to simulate the demands of it without… Having a dedicated car all you need is two barbells and some plates. So how …

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12″ Titan Strongman Log Unboxing

Getting delivery of a new 12″ Titan Strongman Log and first look at the implement. Watch below! Full review coming next week so subscribe on Youtube Buy a Titan Log on Amazon https://amzn.to/2LZDxAF (affilate) Buy through Titan http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-8761274-13576828 (affiliate)  

Strength Shop Riot Yoke: Assembly

In this video I put together a yoke from Strength Shop USA while showing how to put the yoke together I talk all about training the yoke, my thoughts on this particular yoke and other uses for a yoke other than yoke walks

Strength Shop Riot Yoke: Unboxing

In the first of a series of reviews and videos on my new yoke I first have to open the box and see what is included and my first impressions of the implement.