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Mateusz Kieliszkowski Reviews The ASC 2022 & Discusses His Future

Matt Rhodes sat down for a very candid interview with Mateusz Kielszkowski after the Arnold Classic. This is a must watch Subscribe to Matt Rhodes on Youtube & follow him on Instagram

Thor Bjornsson Big Interview Before Boxing Devon Larratt

In this unique and candid interview @Hafthor Bjornsson sat down with Matt Rhodes to discuss Boxing , World’s Strongest Man 2017 , Eddie Hall , 501 Deadlift , Psychology & much more, I’m very grateful for this interview and i hope this helps you guys understand the man a bit better. Become a supporting member …

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2015 Worlds Strongest Disabled Man

Article by Bryan Barrett The 2015 Worlds Strongest Disabled Man was held in Iceland last month on the 16th of June. The event is organized by four time World’s Strongest, Man Magnús Ver Magnússon, and Arnar Már Jónsson. The competition is divided into two separate divisions; Wheelchair and Standing. The Standing Division is for developmentally disabled …

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Interview With Dimitar Savatinov

Interview By Christian Saba Starting Strongman recently got the chance to catch up with Dimitar Savatinov shortly after competing in World’s Strongest Man, 2015. We asked him some hard hitting questions about cookies, strongman, and his life. Hailing from Bulgaria, and with a background in the circus, it certainly seems he’s seen it all. Outside of …

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