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Strong Talk Podcast 110: Chris Vachio

Kalle Beck talks to reoccurring guest Chris Vachio (previously on episodes 63 and 80) on the current going ons in Strongman, investing in yourself, The Arnold, Disabled Strongman contests and what we hate! Follow Chris on Facebook and @Vachio Follow @StartingStrongman & @chronosstrength How To Train Strongman In A Regular Gym     Support this podcast by hitting …

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Shoulder Rehab for the Abnormal

By Chris Vachio Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice or guidance.  Always seek out the advice of a trained medical professional with regards injury and rehabilitation.  Every situation is different and what worked for me may not necessarily work for you.  I am not a physician, nor do I play one …

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Strong Talk Podcast 80: Chris Vachio Recaps America’s Strongest Disabled Man

This week Kalle Beck is joined by our first recurring guest Chris Vachio who just got done promoting America’s Strongest Disabled man. Chris talks about the contest, contest promotion and his next show “Unspeakable Strength III” The heaviest amateur Strongman contest in the world.