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WUS Bahrain Recap & Review

By Sam Roath The following is an OP-ED and does not necessarily represent the opionons of Starting Strongman Athlete list: Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine) Tom Stoltman (Scotland) Luke Stoltman (Scotland) Konstantine Janashia (Georgia) Bobby Thompson (USA) Ramin Farajnejad (Iran)  Mohammad Ezatpour (Iran) JF Caron (Canada) Rob Kearney (USA) Adam Bishop (England)  Eythor Ingolfsson (Iceland)  Ervin Toots …

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100k to Deadlift Over 500kg At WUS Bahrain

“Event 1 of WUS Bahrain 2020 is going to be the event that will possibly crown a new world record. The MAX DEADLIFT , calibrated plates , texas barbell and no rules barred on this event. A “bar” (no pun intended) has been set at 501kg and the athlete to do so will receive a …

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