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Strong Talk Podcast 95: Pat Davidson

Pat Davidson is a Strongman competitor who has competed at the Arnold World Championships but more than that Pat has a PHD in Exercise Physiology and one of the smartest people in the sport. This episode is packed full of information so get out your notepads and get ready to get stronger just from listening. …

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Hafthor Bj√∂rnsson Sets Weight Over Bar World Record 19’9″

Hafthor Bj√∂rnsson broke his own world record of 19’5″ in the 56lb weight over bar with a successful attempt clearing 19’9″ in an exhibition at the Loon Mountain Highland games and judging by the video it looks like he could clear 20 feet.

Eddie Hall On The True Geordie Podcast

In Eddie Hall’s first podcast appearance he sits down with The True Geordie Podcast for around 2 hours and doesn’t hold back. Talking about his journey to becoming Worlds Strongest Man, Sacrifice, the controversy with Hafthor at WSM, how Worlds Strongest Man could be shown live and a lot more. Worth the watch.

The Biggest Mental Error In Competition

By Terry Rady I’ve seen it one too many times, a young come up who’s on a mission to beat someone in particular. These people are full of energy, piss, vinegar, and a fight. It’s a special mental state everyone experiences in this sport, but learning to utilize it is key.

Strongest Woman In The World 2017 Preview

On September 15th & 16th the top Pro Strongwoman in the world will be competing at the Olympia in three different weight classes with 5 taxing events for 15,000 in prize money, the title of Strongest Woman In The World and to qualify for the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2018.

Strong Talk Podcast 94: Boston Jacobs

Boston Jacobs is a middleweight Strongman competitor with a 2nd place finish at Nationals and has competed at the Arnold Amateur World Championships. A former wrestler who battled dark bouts of depression and a suicide attempt after his career ended. We talk about how art helped him come out of this dark time and how …

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Graham Hicks Breaks British Log Press Record 212kg/470lbs

Graham Hicks jointly held the British log press record with current Worlds Strongest Man Eddie Hall for the past few years, after they both hit 211kg at the 2015 Log Lift World Championships. Graham Hicks has wanted to hold the record solo for a while now, and accomplished his goal by pressing 212kg/470lbs at the …

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Strong Talk Q&A: How To Train The Husafell Stone

This weeks Q&A covers the Husafell stone and other front carries for max distance. How should you approach progression and programming leading up to a contest when events are for max distance.

Strong Talk Podcast 93: Clay Edgin

This week Kalle traveled up to Santa Cruz Strength to talk to the owner. Clay Edgin about his story in purchasing and running a Strength gym. Clay is a longtime friend and Strongman competitor along with competing in grip contests, MAS Wrestling, Powerlifting and more. We chat about his back story, going from a corporate …

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Kalle Beck On Dog Life Radio Episode 12

Kalle Beck was a guest on Dog Life Radio talking about Strongman and how it can be for everyone.