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Eddie Hall Deadlifts 536kg/1,180lbs of his own books

Eddie Hall is on a publicity tour for his new book so what better way to promote it than to see how many copies The Beast can deadlift? The Silver Dollar Deadlift is a elevated deadlift from 18″ height which is double the height of a standard barbell.

10 Heaviest Log Presses Of All Time

The Log Clean & Press is considered by many to be the truest test of pressing power there is. So who makes the cut for the 10 heaviest log presses ever done in competition?

How To Grip Farmers Walk

Does your grip slip? Maybe you just aren’t setting your grip correctly, try this tip as explained in the video out and go hit a PR.

How To Clean & Press A Keg

The Keg Clean & Press can be a tricky event but if you use these few tips it will become a lot easier.

Jerry Pritchett wins 2017 America’s Strongest Man

In Jerry Pritchett’s long overdue first appearance at America’s Strongest Man he took home the title with event wins in the 1100lb yoke walk and 800lb tire deadlift.

Kate Connolly Sets new LW Strongwoman Log Press Record 80kg/176lbs

The Lightweight Log Press record held by Rachel Pyron has stood for years until Kate Connolly broke it at the SFN Expo on Saturday October 14th with a press of 80kg/176lbs. Check out the video below

WATCH: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 2: Louis “Apollon” Uni

Rogue Fitness releases another great video about Strongman of the past. Watch before you head out for Strongman Saturday.

America’s Strongest Man 2017 Athlete List & Preview

This years America’s Strongest Man put on by Strongman Corporation is likely the heaviest in history with events such as an overhead medley that ends in a 400lb Axle Clean & Press away, an 1100lb yoke walk and even a 450lb keg carried for max distance. Who do you think is up to the task …

America’s Strongest Man 2017 Athlete List & Preview Read More »

Kimberly Derks 245lb Axle Press for a New Middleweight World Record

Kimberly Derks is a former national champion who took a broke from Strongwoman to earn her IFBB pro card in physique but came back to Strongwoman stronger than ever as evident by her 245lb Axle Clean & Press PR for 20lb PR and a new Middleweight World Record r (Under 181lbs) on her way to …

Kimberly Derks 245lb Axle Press for a New Middleweight World Record Read More »

Samantha Coleman Breaks Axle Press World Record 260lbs

Samantha Coleman won United States Strongman Pro Woman Worlds for the second year in a row and a long the way broke the Open weight class Axle Clean & Press world record with a successful lift of 118kg/260lbs