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    Barrett Young

    What strongman comps are you all training for or looking forward to? What events do they have posted?

    My next up is Maryland’s Strongest Man on Nov 18. I’ll be in the novice class with 29 others (there are over 130 athletes signed up). This is my second strongman meet. I’ll be Open 265 class next year.

    Events are Max Deadlift, super yoke, farmer’s walk, viking press, conan’s wheel, and stone of steel. So far, I’ve only done the viking press in competition.

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    Kalle Beck

    Official Strongman Games qualifiers and then hopefully 80kg WSM

    a bit ambitious maybe but I feel pretty confident on my strength coming back to me quickly.

    I’ve been tempted to do nationals in Vegas but I have so many athletes competing I feel I need to devote my whole time there to coaching.

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