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    Tyler Tennessen

    5’10” 200lbs
    Log: 200
    Axle C&P: 205
    Strict Press: 165
    CDB: 110
    Farmers Deadlift: 250/hand
    Farmers Carry: 200/hand 30′
    Weighted Pull up: 270(200 bw + 70)
    Atlas Stone: 250 to 48″
    Front Squat: 260
    Back Squat: 340
    Bench: 285
    Deadlift: 385
    18″ Deadlift: 400

    I started lifting again in May of 2016. I got interested in Strongman in Early 2017. I’ve competed in 1 novice LW competition before, and learned a lot. A back injury from that show set me months back for months, but I’m finally feeling better and about to do my 2nd novice show!

    I thought this would be a good place to log my training and be more apart of the strongman community. Thanks for the site Kalle!

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    Kalle Beck

    Welcome man!

    Thanks for joining

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    Tyler Tennessen

    Todays workout was crap. Im not sure if it was from fasting most of yesterday for a blood test, or from being sick to my stomach today, but nothing went right.

    Main Giant Set:
    Squat: 3×5 +1 amrap (7 reps)
    3 broad jumps
    12 V sit ups

    Everything felt slow and weak. My amrap goal was 10-12. Gotts repeat the weight next week now.

    Accessory Giant Set e rounds of
    6/leg lunge 115lb
    1:00 plank
    100′ keg carry 160lb
    10 Front squats 115lb

    Again slow and weak. During the 3rd roybd i felt a painful twinge in my lower back in an area that has previously been injured. Not sure what happened but i stopped there. I dont want to push it this close to a comp.

    Now i gotta go to a wedding..

    Bench day tomorrow.

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    Tyler Tennessen

    Another meh workout. Left elbow was bothering me throughout.

    Main Giant Set
    Bench: 3×5 +1 amrap @205 (12 reps)
    Dumbbell rows x6 @ 90
    6 kneeling ab roll outs

    Went okay, I suck at ab wheels.

    Assistance Set
    4×15 DB bench @40lbs super set with 4×10 wide grip rows @135lbs.

    Got a solid pump in. Widd grip rows really hit my traps.

    Accessory Giant Set
    3×8 DB flies @25lbs
    Sub max pull ups (did neutral grip) 3,5,5
    3×10 rear delt flies @12lbs

    Skipped conditioning due to time constraints today, however i did hit a reps of my new stones. 16″ 175lb and 18″ 185lb both to 48″.

    These new stones are really slick. My PR is 250 (with tacky), lapping 185 was a challenge with no tacky.

    Hope to rest up and have 1 last solid week of training before comp deload.

    Deadlifts Tuesday.

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    Tyler Tennessen


    Today went really well! A 405 pull is my next milestone, and i feel like i can hit it now. Butttt im in the middle of a program, so i need to stick to my plan.

    Main Giant Set
    Deadlift: 3×5 @305 1×12(amrap)(also a rep PR)
    2 box jumps
    30/leg bicycle kicks

    This went awesome, i had maybe another 1-2 in the tank on my amrap, i really feel like my deadlift is coming together.

    4×4 Front Squat @ 135, 165, 195, 225(rep pr)
    Followed by
    3×8 good mornings @ 95lbs
    3×8 db lunges per leg 25lb DBs
    3×10 DB swings 25lbs

    After hitting rep PRs on deads and front squats i took it light here. Skipped conditioning because it was getting pretty late.

    Press on Thursday

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    Tyler Tennessen

    Another not so hot workout. My elbows have been really bothering me on overhead days lately.

    Main Giant Set
    Strict Press: 3×5 @120 1×10(amrap).
    Weighted pull ups: 4×5 +10lbs

    This went okay. Strict pressing hasnt been going great lately, and my elbows just arent cooperating. Was hoping for 12 on the amrap.

    3×1 keg clean and Press @ 160.
    Trying to figure out my technique here. Im dumb and akward and kind of just muscle my way through it.

    4×8 axle c&p 140×6, 140×2 (elbows acting up had to stop)
    4×10 plyo push ups (tried but aggravatdd elbows)
    4×15 banded tricep pull downs

    After 1 set of axle c&p my elbows felt awful.


    3 rounds of
    3 minutes work 2 minutes rest

    50 mountain climbers
    15 sit ups
    60’ish pverhead carry (used 25lb dumbbells)
    Ended up hitting 2 cycles of everything each 3 minutes round.

    This was fairly easy, next time ill tdy it with 1 min rest.

    Squats Saturday then deload until comp on the 28th.

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    Tyler Tennessen

    I missed saturdays workout due to family activites. So i combined my main sets for squat and bench on sunday. However i got a very late start sunday and it was another poor workout.

    Main Superset
    Squats: 3×5 +1 amrap(10) @240.
    3 broad jumps.

    My squats feel akward and unnatural, definitly major form issues. I’ve never felt good squatting, and i am trying tk troubleshoot this.

    Main Giant Set
    Bench: 3×5 +1 amrap(7) @ 215
    3×5 cheaty rows @ 185
    8,8,5 ab roll outs

    Bench felt horribly weak. I should have had 12 no problem, but i felt like i had to strength last night.

    I called it after this set, i compete Saturday so next week will be a deload.

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