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    Kalle Beck

    From David Meverden


    Made a wood piece that turns a parallel grip bar into a log that can be used in a standard rack. Figured some of you would be interested.
    I hate equipment that is only good for one thing, so instead of a log I got an Elite FTS parallel grip bar and built a 12″ removable wood piece that goes around it. Had it for a couple years now. Works well, doesn’t bruise your forearms, and I love that it’s rackable. It grips a sweaty cotton shirt a bit better than steel; grabs a dry grip shirt perhaps a bit less than steel.
    This was how I made it:
    1) make a cube like stack of dimensional lumber
    2) draw a 12″ diameter circle on the end
    3) make angled table or circular saw cuts on each board as close to the circle outline as possible
    4) glue and screw boards together in two pieces with a space in the middle for the bar.
    5) custom shape some pieces to hold the bar in there
    6) drill through holes. 12″ Carriage bolts run through and hold the two pieces together. The end with the nut needs to be counter sunk. It can be put on or off in less than a minute with a socket wrench.
    7) clamp it all together and use a belt sander to sand it smooth.
    Never stained or put a finish coating on. If you have recommendations let me know.
    Dimensions: bit over 12″ diameter, 21.5″ wide on one half (the one you sit in your lap) and 18.5″ wide on the other half (the one that you roll onto your shoulders). The bar and wood pieces together are about 80 lbs. (NOTE: I originally made it 15.5″ wide and that was too narrow, especially for lapping. Had to add more wood. I’m 5′ 11″, 210# and it is a great width now. If you’re a real big dude it might not be wide enough for optimal lapping or racking).
    Let me know if you’ve got questions about it.

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