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    Bryn Evans

    My training log as a newcomer on Kalle Becks programming.

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    Bryn Evans

    Opening day –
    Overhead Press 5×8 45kg-55kg
    Pull Ups (with bands) 3×8 & Face Pull 3×15 SS
    Z Press 2×8 35kg
    Giant Set – Lat Raise, front Raise & rear Delt Flys 3×10 12kg
    Cash Out – 20kg BB Curls 25

    First day so nice and light. Not a bad session to be honest but maybe a little conservative on the weight in some areas.

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    Bryn Evans

    Day 2 –

    Front Squat 5x 55/65/75kg 3sec pause
    Sandbag 40kg Carry 2x15m
    Keg carry 60kg 1x15m
    Barbell Lunges 40kg 3×12
    Banded Pull-ups 1×10 1×8
    TRX inverted Rows 1×10
    (I used this instead of the sled pull)
    3x60sec planks

    Conditioning – 21-15-9
    24kg kettlebell swings
    24” box jumps

    I’m feeling I need more conditioning to help get the weight down at the moment, I’m still walking around at 215lbs and need to be at 198lbs for contest in feb!!

    Sandbag is definitely too light so I need to look at filing it to at lease 65kg.

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    Bryn Evans

    Day 3 –

    am) Strict Press 1x30kg x 12, 2x35kg x 12
    Close-Grip Floor Press 50/60/70kg x 8
    SS Push-Ups and TRX Rows 3×15
    Band Pull-Aparts 3×20
    DB Hammer Curls 15/12/9 x 12kg

    Pm) Conditioning –
    90sec Skipping
    BW Dips
    40m Waiters Walk Bumper Plate
    Wall Balls 5.5kg MedBall

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    Bryn Evans

    Saturday 25th –
    Deadlifts from 4” 1×15 @ 105kg, 2×[email protected]
    Atlas Stone 2 x 8 to 40” platform
    Carry Medley 3 x 15m run 50kg Sandbag, 70kg Keg, 78kg Stone

    Loved today, my first Atlas Stones! Total badass!!!

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    Kalle Beck

    Welcome to the forum! If you have questions on the program feel free to ask them here 🙂

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      Bryn Evans

      Thanks Kalle. Really enjoying the plan so far. If I could ask 1 question, when you set the reps and sets do you have a specific way you write them? For example – I always use sets first followed by reps ie 3×10. Or I would normally take the highest number and count that as reps. Just to clarify as I did see one set was 10×1 which I could take that as hypertrophy up or a strongman warm of 10 sets?

      Cheers buddy

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 2 Day 1
    Overhead Press –
    Work up to 2RM
    Clean & Press & @70-80% 3×8 55&60kg
    Z Press 3×8 @40kg
    SS Banded Pull-ups and Band Facepulls 3×10 & 3×15 respectively
    Giant Set – lat raise, front raise, rear delt fly 8kg
    Empty Barbell Curls 10×10 🤢
    Banded tricep pushdowns 200reps (about 12-16 sets, I forgot) 🤮

    Felt like an absolute monster of a session today. Was going to do some chicken ndutioning but might do it later. My arms and shoulders are raging. One of the best sessions I’ve had to be fair, thanks to Kalle.

    A brand new whole world of custom built toys coming tomorrow. Yoke, log, farmers. Axle, monster DB. Can’t wait to play, and I think my garage strongman gym is virtually done, just need to workout so I lift all my plates now and buy more!

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 2 day 2

    Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts 3x24kg kettlebell
    X Band Walks 3×10 each way
    Back Squat – worked upto 150kgx2 then dropped it back to 60% 70% 80% for 5
    Farmers Walk 2x15m @ 60kg 2x15m @ 80kg
    Front Squat 1×10 @60kg
    Weighted Plank @10kg 3x60sec (failed 3rd set at 35sec)

    Conditioning –
    70kg Yoke
    10 Push-ups
    15 Air Squats
    10 Rounds

    Loads of new kit delivered yesterday so couldn’t wait to play with the farmers and yoke. Another great session today, felt strong and fit toward the end.

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    Bryn Evans

    Strict Press 3×8 35/40/45kg 5kg up on last week
    CG Bench Press 3x(10/8/6) 55/65/75kg
    SS Push-ups/BB Rows (60kg) 3×15
    Giant Set 3×15 DB Hammer Curls, 3×20 Band Pull-Aparts, 2×50 Band Tricep Push-Downs

    Felt like a big session today. Left out the conditioning to concentrate on tomorrow which I will use as contest prep.

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 2 Day 4

    First day of some real event training, just to get accustomed to some of the movements and times. The weight are less than the comp but it’s a good start.

    Dead Lift – Work upto a 2RM @175kg (new PR)
    Axle Clean and Press – 2×8 @60kg
    Stiff Legged DeadLifts 2×8 @ 80kg
    Drag and Pull – Carry sandbag 15m/drag back on tyre 15m/carry bag back x 2 sets approx 45sec
    1x 78kg Atlas Stone to approx 35-40”

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 3 Day 1


    Worked upto 5 Log Presses x5 @60kg
    Banded Pull-Ups 3×12,9,8
    Face Pulls 3×20
    Z Presses 2×9,7 @40kg
    Giant set – Lat raise, Front Raise, rear Delt Raise 3×10
    BB Curls 2×10, 1×25
    Tricep pushdowns 3×20

    50kg Sandbag to Shoulder
    Waiters Walk with 30kg Yoke

    Absolutely trashed after this one!

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 3 Day 2


    Back Squat 8×3 3sec Pause Hold @60% (95kg)
    Front Carry – 4x20m 70kg keg carry
    BB Stepups onto 20” Plyobox 3x8x40/35/35kg
    24kg Kettlebell Swings 3×12

    Doesn’t look like much but felt like a conditioning session more than strength work. Weight starting to move nicely too.

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    Bryn Evans

    Strict Press 3×8 @40/45/45kg
    CG Bench Press 3×5/3/5 @60/70/80kg
    SS Elevated 20” Push-Ups 2×20/ Pendleton Rows 2×15 @60kg
    Giant Set DB Hammer Curls 3×15 / Band Pull-Aparts 3×20 / Band Tricep Push-Downs 2×50

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 3 Day 4

    Deadlift 5×90 5×116 5x130kg
    Snatch grip deadlift 3×[email protected]
    Atlas Stones @78kg 3×3

    Farmers Carry 2x20m @60kg, 4x20m @80kg

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 4 Day 1
    Axle Press Clean Once 3×8 45/50/50kg
    SS Banded Pull UPS 5×10 / Band Pull-Aparts 5×20
    Z Press 3×6 40kg
    SS BB Curls 3xAMRAP / Band Tricep Pushdowsn 3xAMRAP
    Giant Set – Lat Raise/Front Raise/Rear Delt Fly 3×10

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 4 Day 2


    KB Goblet Squats 3×8 @24kg
    Front Squat 3sec Pause Hold 3×8 @60/70/80kg

    Death by Squat – Back squat 95kg/BW Push-Up
    1 plus additions of singles EMOM (1 Squat/1Push Up, 2 Squat/2 Push-Up etc)
    Level 8 = 36 Squats/Push-UPS

    21-15-9 –
    21/15/9×24” Box Jumps
    1x110kg Yolk 30m

    TRX Pikes 3×10

    Felt like a kick up the ars yo be honest and this has done the trick. Even now I’m writing this 3 days after I can still feel it!!

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 4 Day 4

    LISS –
    Running 4 miles approx over a couple of hills. Felt nice to be out and generally being healthy. Avg HR around 160 so a good cobweb blow off.

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 4 Day 4


    Band Pull-Aparts 3×15
    Axle Strict Press (3-4 Warm Up Sets) 3×10 @45kg
    CG Floor Press 60/70/75kg 8/8/AMRAP (5)
    STD Grip Floor Press Drop Sets 70/60/50/40/30/20kg x AMRAP
    SS Push-Ups/Bend Over BB Row @60kg 3×15
    DB Hammer Curls 3×12

    21/15/9 Burpees
    2x15m Waiters Walk with unloaded yoke (40kg)

    Another ass whipping tonight. Although I really enjoyed it and really felt like I having fun?! One day left of my 1st template. I feel like I’ve come on a lot in the past 4 weeks, not missed a session and enjoyed every one.

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 4 Day 5

    Deadlift 12×1 @70% =125kg/276lbs
    Deadlift from 4” 3×15 @105kg (managed 3×12)
    Events – Farmers 2x20m @55kg each hand 2x20m @75kg each hand
    Leg Raises 3×12

    Loved the last 4 weeks!!!! Can’t wait for the next 4, count down is now on for my first computer, renegade strongman novice here we come

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 5 Day 1


    Log Clean and Press 6×3 40-50kg
    Log Strict Press 2×8 @40kg
    Banded Pull-Ups 5×10 🤢
    TRX Face-Pulls 5×20
    Giant Set – Lat Raise/Front Raise/Rear Delt Fly 2×20
    BB Curls 5-6 sets to 100
    Tricep Band Push Downs – 5 sets to 200

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 5 Day 2


    Hang Power Snatch 6×3 50kg
    Back Squats 3×8/8/5 100/115/130kg

    50kg Sandbag to Shoulder
    2x20m Farmers Handles @55kg per hand

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 5 Day 3


    Strict Press 3×9 @45kg – that’s way above my week 1 weight, I think it 30,40,40 for 8 reps, so I’m really pleased with that.
    CG Floor Press 3×5/5/5 @60/70/80kg again really impressed with the increase.
    CG Pin Press 2×10 @75kg
    SS 24” Box Push-ups/Bent over Rows @60 2×15
    Giant Set – DB Hammer Curls 3×15/Band Pull-Apart 3×20/tricep pushdowns 2/50

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    Bryn Evans

    Week 5 Day 4


    Deadlift 3-4 sets WU then did a 3×3/3/3 @125/145/160kg
    Yoke 6x20m @120kg
    Atlas Stones 8×2 EMOM Stone upto chest
    Ab Roll outs 3×10

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