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    The logs in my gym which are light enough for me look like this:


    As you can see the space for my arms is limited by the small window when grabbing the log.

    Yesterday I did a lot of cleans (cleaning every rep) and my arms are in pain. I am really afraid of injuring myself by doing this.
    A guy in the gym told me that it’s a bad log which can’t be cleaned properly because of the small window to grab it compared to other logs which give much more space to the arms.

    Now I am not really sure if it’s more a matter of technique (I don’t have the best cleaning technique) or if the log really forces me to use too much arms while cleaning it. What do you think about it?
    Currently I feel like replacing log press with barbell/axle press until I am strong enough for the heavy log which is better.


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    For some reason the image is not displayed:



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    Kalle Beck

    That does look like a tough log to clean, if you get pain limit the amount of clean each reps.

    Really to help I need to see a video though.


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    Robert Feudo

    Very misleading title.

    On a serious note. Post a video, I’d love to see Kalles’ analysis. I’m not good at any of this, but pressing the log has been my nemesis. When I first started using my log I would get pain in the back of my forearms the next day. I thought it was where my arms hit the openings for the handles, but I have not noticed the discomfort in the past month or so. I’m not sure if I’ve strengthened those areas, or if my technique has gotten better. Hopefully it’s both.

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