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    Pat Wilson

    Well its’s been a long painful road back to getting healthy enough to lift weights again and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I haven’t done any heavy weight training, due to tearing my acl back in March 2018. I tore both my pecs in May 2017. I am coming off one of the worst injuries I ever experienced, I have a severe herniated disc in my l4, and l5. I was very bad shape from competing in the Jacksonville pro am in 2016. That was my last show. One year prior to that I tore my pec in December 2014. I have torn my pec 3 times, all requiring surgery, I have had one of the worst back injuries and that damn right scared me away from strongman. I blew out my acl on a 275lbs log on rep 10. I compete as a 231lbs athlete. I always wanted to win my pro card, but I never did. I don’t really care about getting to the top in strongman anymore. I only care about overcoming my body and learning from my mistakes and doing a contest again, HEALTHY with no injuries. However, I am prepared for whatever happens it comes with the territory. I have competed in Strongman since 2006. I met Kalle Beck at NAS Nationals, we used to talk on Marunde-muscle and became friends by posting on the forums, this was pre Instagram and facebook. I am going to try and post my training on here, my training has been programmed by other people and I kind of want to do my own programming now. I have a lot of experience and my biggest battle is I train too heavy and train too intense before a contest. I just want to be healthy and get my deadlift up currently. I am pathetically weak. Here is Sunday’s training and Tuesdays.


    Deadlift: 45 x 5, 135 x 2, 225 x 2, 315 x 2, 410 x 2. 8 x 3 with 325

    Good Mornings, Glute Ham Raise, DB bent over rows, Db stiff legs.

    3 rounds for 8 reps


    Db Bench press:

    30 x 10, 50 x 8, 70 x 8, 100 x 8 100 x 5 very controlled reps 3-4 seconds control down.

    Push press super set with incline bench press. 135lbx and 95 on incline. 5 reps on PP and 95 on incline at 12 reps.

    finished with triceps and chest work to get blood flow in the pecs.

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