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    Kalle Beck

    A long in depth Q&A done with Phil of Fit World Exposed talking all things about putting things over your head.

    Time stamps

    0:00 intro + Kalles best pressing stats + who he is and how long he’s been lifting
    3:50 Love for the OHP
    6:55 If goal is to reach strict press genetic potential, how much push pressing is needed? + strict press for low reps?
    10:10 OHP variation cycles and exercise rotations that work
    15:25 Improving bar path through technique, stretches and mobility work
    21:40 How important is it to push the head through + benefits
    26:14 Weak at the bottom fix
    29:20 volume approaches you like for OHP (ex:10×10)
    35:30 Closegrip Bench tips for a better OHP
    39:55 isometrics Before OHP empty bar for stronger press
    45:25 Explosive vertical throws with a medicine ball prior to OHP
    46:50 Engaging biceps in OHP
    51:10 BTN Press carryover
    53:20 overhead Dickson press for tricep long head
    56:00 z press with or without pins carryover
    59:00 thumbless Grip stronger? Benefits
    1:02:30 setup height
    1:06:05 the power of mouthguards for pressing
    1:09:30 improving rack pull below kneecap AKA 18 inch DL

    1:26:38 Front Squat Talk

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