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    Kalle Beck

    From Matthew Moore

    Don’t know how many micro loaders we have in this group, but I “made” a set of fractional plates. I don’t know if this counts as “DIY” or not but it’s a good source for some cheap-ish fractional plates.
    I went to a local fastenal and bought 6 4.5″OD Washers for about $24. I also took the liberty of weighing out the washers on a postage scale and found that they were surprisingly close to 1.25lb per pair (0.625lb per washer). As you’ll see in the pictures, I had 2 that were dead on and the others were off by almost a tenth each.
    Because I’m a nerd who cares to know EXACTLY how much I’m lifting, I marked each pair with electrical tape; the most accurate (orange), the slightly heavier (black), and slightly under (no marking). But effectively I think this is a good way to make jumps by 1.25lbs and 6 washers will be all you need between 0lb – 5lb jumps.

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