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      Kalle Beck

      I remember a while ago (a year or even longer?) you had some sort of low back injury and had to take a long time off.

      How did you rehab it?

      I have what they’re saying is a low back strain that happened in late May. I’ve been in pain since then, multiple urgent care visits, a hospital visit and two rounds of physical therapy as well as some heavy duty meds.

      Overall things are going very slowly- I can do more activity and movement for the same relative pain, but I’m still operating at significantly lower strength levels than pre injury. Feeling pretty discouraged.

      When dealing with injuries first you have to go back and think on what caused the issue? You need to correct that and get healthy and proper movement first before you EARN the right to add load again. If you are improving and in less pain after everything you have went through that is progress and you should be happy about it! We lift weights to be better physically and feel better overall. Yes lifting heavy is fun but its the ego side saying we need to lift heavy that gets us in these situations. Spend this time improving mobility, imbalances, movement patterns and perfecting your skill at lifting. Can only use 135? Lift it slowly and so deliberate it feels like 600.

      Also think of alternative movements that may have the same benefit, for me I can do farmers walks, sandbag loads, etc but any straight bar deadlifting has the chance of flaring up old issues.

      The other thing I try to really focus on is proper warm up with stuff like single leg RDL’s and other activation techniques.

      For a good resource check out Back Mechanic by Stuart McGill https://amzn.to/2yibNlt

      Good luck and dont get discouraged focus on what you can do not what you can’t

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