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    John Steffen

    My Log Press needs some serious help.

    I think my biggest struggle is due to the extreme light headed feeling I get somewhere between the clean and the press. Sometimes it happens early (see first 205 attempt) sometimes it happens when I press (see 155 attempt) and sometimes it’s not too bad especially with a light log, but it happens every time. I don’t have high blood pressure (usually 120-130/60-70).

    My secondary issue is that I’m working on learning the jerk (you can see on my lighter attempts) but that goes out the window when the loads get heavier and the vertigo gets worse.

    I have a competition coming up with a 265 log. I’ve cleaned well over that, so I know I can get it to my shoulders, but I’m going to have to get the jerk down to get it above my head. I’m just struggling so much with the vertigo that I can’t progress much past 200.

    Here’s a video from tonight (and one lift from Sunday): https://youtu.be/y4it65UoqoI

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Kalle Beck

    High blood pressure was going to be my first question,

    on the clean you are a bit bent over the log see video below on some tips to make it more efficient which should help.

    Make sure you are breathing into your belly and not your chest, also make sure to get big air in the lap position.

    One thing I have done with clients is to have them do cleans and hold for 3-5 seconds making sure to brace correctly through the lats, retract the scapula, etc. be VERY careful with this if you already get light headed on log.

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    John Steffen

    Thanks Kalle! I’ll work on some things and keep this up to date as it progresses.

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