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    Kalle Beck

    Hey, Kalle, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. The group is public so I don’t want to ask there.
    If someone is starting their training fresh at an older age like 40 or older, should they start with something like strongman or should they start with something else like power or CrossFit or just regular weight training


    It depends on your longterm goal and physical limitations.

    Before getting into any rigorous strength training you should be in good overall shape. Most of my older clients with long lay offs from sports or training first need to emphasis their mobility, positioning on the lifts and overall work capacity before loading events. I think all of those can be done with Strongman training though I just wouldn’t be lifting a max atlas stone or carrying a very heavy yoke on week 3.

    Build up your work capacity by slowly increasing volume with a manageable load you can do with good form and technique.

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