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    Patrick Richards

    Just generally asking about anyone with a umbilical hernia in the past. Going to have surgery soon. I can get general answers but I doubt my doc is going to know about deads and yoke training for example. Just looking at people and the general experience they had.

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    Kalle Beck

    I’ll detail my experience as I had umbilical hernia surgery in November of 2012 but this isn’t medical advice.

    Just what I did

    I had the surgery and about 7-10 days after surgery tried to go for as long of walks as I could and did bodyweight squats everyday while holding my stomach (surgeon actually recommended this) I mean I did 200-300 squats a day.

    I did some light work with bands as well like pull apart, OHP, etc.

    6 weeks post op I resumed weight training and started at 20% of my max and increased 10% every week and lowered sets & reps as difficulty increased and NEVER did anything that was uncomfortable.

    I always wore my rehband soft belt https://store.startingstrongman.com/product/rehband-core-line-back-support-x-stable/ and leather belt as well https://store.startingstrongman.com/product/sbd-belt/

    I started doing events maybe 10 weeks post and competed in a contest 13 weeks post up and won https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6Ru1RMvmaU

    2 weeks after that I competed in the Arnold amateur championship and got 6th despite not training much for it.

    I wouldn’t advise to do this because it takes about a year for the mesh to be at full strength but thats what I did.

    Going forward Certain movements like heavy yoke, front squats, direct ab work, etc would bother it and if anything did I’d stop.

    A few years removed it doesn’t ever bother me much but I don’t do hardly any compound lifts without a belt.

    Good luck!

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