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    I thought it might be cool to log my experiences getting ready for my first show. Instagram attention-whoring just isn’t enough it would seem.

    A quick little bit about me: I’m 37. I have three kids and an amazing wife. I work a real-life job and train when my children sleep. I just got into strongman in March-ish of 2017. I have had two false starts up to this point getting to my first show; once because the gym I was training at shut down abruptly and then again because my son decided to be born the night before a show. Short term goal is to just get a show done and survive. I like going to r/strongman and following like-minded competitors and friends on Instagram. I train at a great new gym called Elite Strength in Denton, TX.

    OK, so, I have 7-ish weeks to go to my first show, at Metroflex Plano here in good ol’ TX. I will be competing in the Novice division because I am a frightened lamb in world of monstrous wolves. I have been allowed 4 days a week to train by my wife: Saturday (pressing ad accessories), Sunday (leg day), Tuesday (deadlift and accessories), Thursday (events).

    Day 1 was Saturday, 11/25.
    10 minutes treadmill.
    Light warmup with bands.

    Swiss Bar OHP (I do not have access to a log, all sets clean and press away): 155x4x4, 175x2x2, 155×10*
    Z Press/wide neutral grip pulldowns superset: 165x5x2/150x8x2
    rear delt dumbbell raises/side dumbbell raises superset: 15sx8x2/15sx8x2
    axle overhead extensions/barbell curls superset: 90ishx8x3/empty barx25x3
    incline bench sit ups with axle overheads: 90ishx8x3 (I have no idea what to call these things “officially”. I saw Luke Herrick do them at the gym one day, so in my training journal I always just call them Luke Abs. Sit in an incline bench and lockout a barbell or whatever. Sit up to get to a full upright position with the barbell overhead)

    I have to keep my pressing to one day because I have very sensitive, angsty shoulders. I am doing my main pressing on a swiss bar because that is the closest approximation to a log that I’ve got. I am running a Mag/Ort approximation for my press and deadlifts, so that last working set* was supposed to be an AMRAP, but it was really easy. I just stopped at ten, because getting 10 reps means I have to go up in weight next week. I’m basing the percentages off a conservative estimate of my log c&p 1RM.

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    Sunday, November 26: Leg Day

    I generally train when my kids sleep, but this day I went to the gym in the afternoon and brought two of my boys with me. And right as I started my warm up, one of my little guys pissed his pants. So there’s that. I’m saying that’s why I forgot to pause my front squats for the first three sets. It’s easy to blame my kids for things because they’re not allowed on the internet.

    On leg day, I like to do a hip and knee warmup that Chris Duffin outlined on YouTube, which I would link if I were smart. I guess you can copy and paste it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN6HAheRHYQ&t=756s I like it a lot. SO I started off with that, interspersed with my 4 year old’s bathroom emergency and subsequent emotional turmoil. Then on to the working sets:

    Front Squats 225x5x2, 275×5, 275×5 paused (I finally remembered to pause them on the last set).
    Zercher yoke carries: 190×10′, 240×10′, 290×10’x2, 400×10’x2
    leg curls/leg extensions superset 3×8 each

    Front squats felt heavy but moved pretty good. Mike Battalglonioanoleo was doing them on Instagram and said that they help prepare him for stones, so I have been pausing mine since I don’t have regular access to stones. Zercher yoke carries are fun. I did them to participate in the r/strongman monthly challenge, but I think I’ll keep them in this training block (for now at least).

    Monday, November 27: easy 30 minute walk during my lunch break to fight off the DOMS and whatnot.

    Deadlifts tomorrow!

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    Kalle Beck

    Good luck in your first comp!

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      Thanks Kalle! And thanks for all your contributions to the sport.

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    Tuesday 11/28: Deadlifts

    10 Minutes treadmill w/ incline
    Chris Duffin hip warm up

    Deadlifts (all reps double overhand, no straps, TX DL bar)
    353x4x4, 403x2x2, 353×10* (last set was AMRAP, but I didn’t push. Maybe could have gotten 1 or 2 more, I was pretty gassed)
    Snatch grip deadlifts 287x5or6x2
    pendlay rows/standing side crunches w/45 plate super set: 221x6x2/2 sets of 12 each side
    weighted sit ups: 90 lbsx12x2

    Good workout. I kind of hurt myself with a brutal DL workout last month, and this was the first workout since where I felt like I could pull like normal. I’d never gone that heavy on Pendlay rows before, so I strapped up for those. My grip was shot by that point anyway. Next week I am going to push the AMRAP sets way harder on DL and log, as they will dictate an increase in weights.

    Wednesday 11/29: short walks interspersed throughout the work day. Had to miss my lunch time walk because of a work commitment.

    ALSO, my gym just got a Titan log thanks to a generous and super strong competitor who trains there, so I’m really excited about Saturday’s upcoming workout!

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    Thursday November 30: Event day (more like farmers carries day)
    I did some farmers carries and some light farmers deadlifts, some keg carries, and then some grip stuff and some hammer curls. Good times. It’s cold in the gym, and I don’t sweat. I like sweating. I miss sweating.

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    Friday, December 1: 30+ minutes of some good yoga. Felt real nice.

    Saturday, December 2: LOG
    The gym got a log! Well, a nice person with a Titan log is leaving at the gym for everyone to train with.

    Log, clean and press away: 155x4x4, 175×2, 200×2, 155×10 (AMRAP, stopped short of failure though… Hit 8 and you move traing weights up 10 lbs., so I’m not going crazy yet))
    Z press/close grip pulldowns superset: 165x5x3/180x6x3
    rear delt raises/side delt raises: 15’sx12x3/15’sx12x3
    Axle Overhead extensions/band assisted pull ups: 90ishx5x3/two red bandsx5x3
    Luke abs: 3 sets of 8

    DARN fine workout. LOVE having access to a log. Top set of log was theoretically 90% of my 1RM, but it felt easy. Weights go up next week so I’m trying to play it cool.

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    December 3: Leg n Load

    10 minutes incline treadmill, Chris Duffin hip warmup.
    Front Squats: 225x5x2, 275x5x2
    Zercher Loads from below parallel: (start below parallel, and load the bar to height) 185, 205, 275, 315, 345
    leg curls/leg extension superset: 2 sets of 8 each
    leg curls/leg extensions/calf raises giant set: all kinds of reps and drop sets

    Some notes: I forgot to pause my front squats. Like, didn’t think about it at all til like hours later. I don’t know, maybe it was the horrible music playing in the gym today making my brain shrivel. Zercher loads were supremely fun and gratifying. I think I could go heavier, but I probably won’t push it too much since the weights I ended up on are way above the stone weights for the upcoming show. Between these and actually remembering to pause my front squats, I’m doing everything I can to train for stones without having access to stones.

    Strained my neck something fierce on 12/2 doing those stinking band assisted pull ups. Didn’t know if I’d be able to work out today, but I got through it no problem.

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    Dec 4: Deathlifts
    10 minutes treadmill, Duffin hip warm up
    353 4 sets of 4, 402 for a double, 452 (who even knows with kilo plates, I ain’t no math wizard) for a double
    drop down set of 353 for 8
    snatch grip deads 287 3 sets of 5
    pendlay rows 221 3 sets of 5
    DB incline press/DB preacher curls superset 3 sets of 20 35s/15 (one arm at a time)

    Good session. Had the gym to myself, it was cold, I was grumpy, and I had Megadeth blasting. A good day in other words.

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    Dec 5: easy calisthenics in my office, some light stretching

    Dec 6: Event day
    10 minutes treadmill, duffin hip warm up, couple of rounds of cariocas
    Farmers carries up to 2 runs with 170 each hand, 50 ft, turn, 50 ft back. Axle handles. Brutal.
    3 rounds of hercules holds
    bunch of abs stuff

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      Also, in the AM, I did a 30 minute walk

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    Dec 9: Log
    10 minutes treadmill
    Log clean and press away: 165x4x4, 185x2x1, 210x2x1, 165×8
    z press/close grip pulldowns superset: 155x8x3/160x8x3
    face pulls/single arm lateral raises superset: 15x8x3/15’sx8x3 each arm
    overhead extensions (axle) 75x12x3
    weighted sit ups: 45x12x4

    A very good day. My heaviest set on log felt easy, and I was super pumped up prior. Felt good to kind of manhandle that weight.

    Dec 10: Leg Day
    10 minutes treadmill, Duffin hip warm up
    Paused front squats 275x5x4
    Zercher loads 315x3x3
    Leg ext/leg curl/calf raises giant set: 70x12x3/70x12x3/4 platesx12x3

    Zercher loads are fun. I take the bar from the rack at or right below parallel. Me likey.

    Dec 11: 30 minute walk at lunch

    Dec 12: AM: 30 minute lunch time walk

    Dec 12: PM: Deadlifts
    10 minutes treadmill, hip circles, duffin warm up
    Deadlift: 360x4x4 (did these over/under just for grins), 410x2x1, 460x2x1, 360x8x1
    snatch grip deads/barbell shrugs/pendlay rows giant set: 287x5x3/287x5x3/225x5x3
    *I rotated the order of the exercises with each circuit
    incline barbell press/db preacher curls superset: 135x15x3/20’sx15x3 each arm

    That giant set business was something else. I’m probably going to be hurting tomorrow.

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    howdy ho neighbors

    Dec 13: 30 minute walk at lunch. Holy crap my ribs on the right side are hurting. Went to chiropractor and got adjusted and oh my good gosh I thought I’d been shot. And once I could breathe, I laughed, but it wasn’t funny. That hurt and I’m a baby. Went home and got a soak in a hot bath with some epsom salt.

    Dec 14: 30 minute walk at work.

    Dec 15: rest. Skipped event day because of ribs.

    Dec 16: started my day with a ridiculous amount of yard work. We’re trying to sell our house, and we spent most of the day sprucing things up.
    And then that night, I got to train. It’s kind of a deload week in my mag/ort program, so I took it easy, especially with my ribs still tender.
    10 minutes treadmill, some band stuff to warm up my shoulders
    Superset some high reps shoulder press on some fancy schmancy machine with fancy schmancy lat pulldowns
    face pulls, nice and easy/light 3×15
    super set rear delt raises and dumbell overhead extensions, no rest 3×15

    Dec 17: Leg n Load
    10 minutes treadmill, duffin warm up
    Front Squats (paused) 295x3x3
    zercher loads 225×3, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1
    giant set (leg ext, leg curls, calf raises) sets of 15

    Leg curls really aggravated my ribs for some reason. Not fun, but bearable. A good day!

    Dec 20: Upper back (no deadlifts today)
    5 minutes treadmill, duffin warm up
    snatch grip deads 265x5x3 (really focused on squeezing my traps)
    barbell shrugs (from rack) 225x8x3
    DB rows (face down on an incline bench) 40’sx15x3
    incline barbell press 135x15x3
    DB preacher curls 15’sx15x3
    axle curls (empty) 3×20
    abs 4×10 (ouch, my ribs)

    Missing some training days due to my ribs hurting and my wife and kids getting sick. I’m not terribly off the program though, just a day behind and I missed one event day. No worries! Also, I like training biceps. I live in mortal fear of popping a bicep, so I hit them with high reps at least once per week.

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    “What’s Will been doing?” wondered absolutely no one.

    Nothing. Christmas sick.

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    Dec 29: finally back at it.
    Log n stuff
    Log, clean and press away: 165x4x4, 185×2, 210×2, 165×8
    z press/close grip pulldowns super set 155×6/140x8x3
    DB overhead extensions 80x10x3
    rear db raises (face in bench)/standing side DB raises 15x10x2, 15x12x1

    Good first session back, I guess. Log was really shaky, but my balance is shot since I’d been in bed for days.

    Dec 31: Legz
    5 minutes on the stationary bike
    2 rounds of single leg RDLs, 2 rounds of Duffin warmup
    front squats: 315x3x3
    zercher squats 295×3, 295x5x2
    giant set: leg ext., leg curls, calf raises: 80x8x3/80x8x3/4 platesx12x3
    walking lunges: not sure of weight, down the turf and back
    ab scissor thingies: 3×12

    Wanted to hit legs hard because my legs suffer most when I’ve had a layoff. So, destroy them to get them back up to speed, right?

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    Jan 2: Deadlifts
    10 minutes treadmill, 2 rounds of duffin warmup
    Deadlifts: 365x4x4, 410×2, 460×2, 365×8
    pendlay rows: 185x6x3
    barbell shrugs (from rack): 295x6x3
    incline barbell press: 165x6x3
    snatch grip deads: 280X4x3
    poundstone curls axlex25x3
    DB preacher curls 15x10x3 each arm, no rest

    Jan 4: Event Day
    Farmers Carries, 5 rounds. These handles we have are so fat, it’s really difficult for me to maintain my grip. I worked up to 10 pounds shy of contest weight and I couldn’t make it 50 ft.
    keg carry
    keg carry/sled drag (I like sled drags): 3 rounds, progressively heavier weights
    log cleans: 200x1x2, two attwmpts at 250 were a no go, which is a bummer because I was really hoping to max at 250 at the contest.

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    Jan 6: OHP
    10 minutes treadmill, band warm up
    Log, clean and press away: 175x4x4, 195×2, 220×2*, 175×8
    standing strict barbell OHP/close grip pulldowns superset: 135x8x3/160x8x3
    axle overhead extensions/more close grip pulldowns superset 95x8x3/140x8x3
    face pulls easy 25x8x3
    Luke Abs 95x8x3

    *220 was my personal best, and I hit it for a double! Sweet! Dang good session.

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    Kalle Beck

    Congrats on the PR!

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