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    Hey everyone. I’m George. I had just started a log on the old site before it went down, so I figured I should start up again. I’ll throw some background information out there. I’ve been training and competing off and on in strongman since 2014. I’ve competed three times. Won once, got my ass handed to me once, and did ok once, in that order. Life kind of got in the way of training and I stepped away from lifting and competing for about 8 months in 2016. I decided to get my life together at the start of 2017, get back in the gym, and maybe try to get back into strongman. For a while I just focused on lifting and eating right. During my hiatus from training, I stopped doing both. After 2.5 months back in the gym, I decided to get back into event training. My gym had an axle, farmers handles, and some kegs. I decided to run a 12 week Cube cycle that ended in Mid-June, then reevaluate where I was. I felt ok after the Cube, but it just seemed lacking. I went and looked at my training in years past, and found I was never stronger than when I was running 5/3/1. I found a couple of 5/3/1 strongman templates and have been running it since early July. I also reconnected with a buddy who does strongman, and we’re in the process of turning his garage into our own little strongman gym. He has more implements than my old gym, and we’re building/acquiring more as time goes on. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

    I teach high school social studies and special ed. It’s back to school time and I’m back to strongman. I’m down 30 lbs since I started keeping track in May, feeling better, and feeling stronger. It’s going to be a good year.

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    Cycle One

    Press- 100×5, 115×5, 130×10
    Bench Incline- 120×5, 140×5, 155×12
    Shrugs- 135×10, 185×30
    Kroc Row- 30×10, 60×25
    Hammer Curls-20x5x10
    Tricep Pushdowns- 80x5x10

    Deadlift- 145×5, 185×5, 220×3, 235×5, 275×5, 310×6 (Too heavy. Dropped training max by 10%)
    Front Squat- 95×5, 110×5, 125×10
    Leg Extensions- 70x3x10
    Hypers- 3×10

    Press- 110×3, 125×3, 140×8
    Incline- 130×3, 150×3, 165×10
    Shrugs- 135×10, 185×40
    Kroc Rows- 30×10, 60×30
    Curls- 55x2x10, Reverse Curls- 30x2x10
    Tricep Pushdowns- 25x2x10, Rope- 15x2x10

    Deadlift- 230×3, 265×3, 295×7
    Front Squat- 110×3, 125×3, 140×7
    Leg Extensions- 70x4x10
    Hypers- 3×10

    Press- 115×5, 130×3, 145×7
    Incline- 140×5, 155×3, 175×9
    Shrugs- 135×10, 205×32
    Kroc Rows- 30×10, 60×32
    DB Curls- 25x2x10, Hammer Curls- 15x2x10
    Tricep Pushdowns- 25x2x10, Rope- 15x2x10

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    Cycle 2

    Press- 105×5, 120×5, 135×9
    Incline- 125×5, 140×5, 160×10
    Kroc Row- 30×10, 65×30
    Shrugs-35×10, 75×31

    Deadlift-135×5, 170×5, 205×3, 220×5, 255×5, 290×10
    Front Squat- 105×5, 120×5, 135×10
    Hypers- 2×10, 25×10
    Leg Extension- 75x3x10

    Log- Hadn’t touched the log in a while. Built up to 180×2
    Farmers- Stayed at about 130 each hand, just getting used to the handles again
    Yoke- Hadn’t touched the yoke in over a year. Light runs at around 250-300 just to get the feel of it.

    Press- 110×3, 130×3, 145×7
    Incline- 135×3, 150×3, 170×10
    Kroc Row- 35×10, 70×30
    Shrugs- 35×10, 75×34
    Curls- 50x2x10, Hammer- 25×10, 7
    Tricep Pushdown- 25x2x10, Rope- 15x2x10

    No training the rest of the week. I tripped a bag and pair of shoes my wife left on the floor of the bedroom in the middle of the night. Sprained my ankle.

    Press- 120×5, 135×3, 150×5
    Incline- 140×5, 160×3, 180×7
    Kroc Row- 35×10, 75×30
    Shrugs- 35×10, 75×40
    DB Curls- 25x2x10, Reverse Curls- 30x2x10
    Tricep Pushdown- 25x2x10, Rope- 15x2x10

    Deadlift- 255×5, 290×3, 325×4
    Front Squat- 120×5, 135×3, 150×3
    Hypers- 25x3x10
    Leg Extension- 75x4x10
    Ankle still a little sore, squatting was difficult

    Log- 125×5, 145×3, 155×7
    Farmers- 130,150,180
    Yoke- 305,355, 415
    Not sure on the distances. We’re just doing down to the next mailbox and back. We’ll need to measure it off.

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    Press- 105×5, 125×5, 140×8
    Incline- 125×5, 145×5, 165×9
    Kroc Row- 40×10, 80×23
    Shrugs- 40×10, 80×32
    DB Curls- 30x2x10, Reverse Curls- 40x2x10
    Pushdown- 35x2x10, Rope- 25x2x10

    Deadlift- 225×5, 260×5, 295×9
    Front Squat- 110×5, 125×5, 145×5
    KB Swings- 50x2x10
    Leg Extensions- 75x3x10

    Log- 85×5, 105×5, 135×15
    Farmers- 130×70 ft, 180×70 ft, 220×70 ft, 240×0 ft
    Yoke- 305×70 ft, 395x 70 ft, 505x 70 ft

    Not a bad week of training. Was gassed when it came to front squat on Friday. Only managed the required 5 reps. I’m considering switching up the days I do certain lifts. I’m thinking of pairing front squat with incline and deadlift with press. I feel that will allow me to get more out of the second 5/3/1 lift each day. I also picked up a contest. I’m competing on Veteran’s Day in Lee’s Summit, MO. I haven’t competed in a while, and this will be my first attempt at the open division. I considered doing novice because I haven’t competed in 18 months, but the weights wouldn’t have been a challenge. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for open weights at heavyweight, but I’d rather train hard and fail doing something difficult than not push myself.

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    Kalle Beck

    Hey George,

    Welcome back! Sorry about the crash 🙁

    Good job on the weight loss

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      Thanks Kale. I’m just glad you’re back up and running. I’m sure that whole process was a nightmare.

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    Front Squat- 120×3, 135×3, 155×3
    Incline- 135×3, 155×3, 175×10
    Kroc Row- 40×10, 80×25
    Shrugs- 40×15, 80×40
    Preacher Curls- 45x3x10, Hammer Curls- 20x2x10
    Tricep Pushdown- 85x2x10, Rope Pushdown- 65x2x10

    Bike Intervals- 15 seconds of 75% intensity, 45 seconds of 50% intensity for 20 minutes
    Abs- Deadbugs 3×12

    No training the rest of the week. Had a family wedding to attend from Friday-Sunday. A short week of training. Front squat still felt really heavy even though I did it on a day I didn’t deadlift. Starting to add cardio back into the mix. I like bike intervals. Easy on the knees and ankles.

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    Bike Intervals- 15 seconds of 75% intensity, 45 seconds of 50% intensity for 20 minutes
    Abs- 3×30 sec planks

    Front Squat- 125×5, 145×3, 160×5
    Incline- 145×5, 165×3, 185×7
    Kroc Row- 40×15, 80×30
    Shrugs- 45×15, 85×30
    DB Curls- 30x2x10, Reverse Curls- 40x2x10
    Pushdowns- 45x2x10, Rope- 25x2x10

    Deadlift- 260×5, 295×3, 330×6
    Press- 125×5, 140×3, 155×5
    Good Morning- 135x3x10

    Bike Intervals- 15 seconds of 75% intensity, 45 seconds of 50% intensity for 20 minutes
    45 minutes of yoga

    DB Row- 60x3x10/Shrug- 225x3x15/Face Pull- 3×15
    Lateral/Front Raise- 10x3x12
    Hammer Curls- 3x15x12/Reverse Curls- 3x30x12
    Pushdowns- 3x60x15/Rope- 3x40x15
    Hyperextensions- 5×10/Hip Thrust- 5×10

    Solid week of training. Got two cardio sessions in, which is huge for me personally. I loathe cardio, but I won’t get better without it. I also bit the bullet and went to a yoga class at the YMCA. I have some mobility issues, and my training partner swears by it. I could do without all the hippie “negative energy” crap, but the stretch was good. Sunday was different as well. My training partner had some family stuff going on, so I didn’t do events this weekend. I went to the Y with my wife and just did a bunch of accessory supersets. It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed getting my pump on.

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    Life and school got really busy, and I stopped updating my log. But I didn’t stop training. I competed like I planned over the weekend. It was my first contest since April 2016, and my first time jumping into the open superheavy class from novice. I got smoked. It was bad. The day started rough with the log press. I opened at 185, which is about about 30 lbs from my goal. I was nervous and just wanted to get a lift in. I pressed it up without much trouble, but I didn’t wait for the down call and had to press it again. It was pretty much a strict press for both of them. My legs felt like jelly and I had no leg drive. I had to go again in about 3 minutes, and I wasn’t focused. I almost got 205 without any leg drive, just couldn’t lock it out. Had to settle with 185 and disappointment. Zeroed the deadlift medley, yoke, and farmer’s walk. Last event was sled push/drag for 25 ft down and back. Pushed it down, then pulled it halfway back before I ran out of time. I was really disappointed in the moment. I knew this contest was a stretch. I’m at a point where the novice weights weren’t challenging, but the open weights are too much. I decided to go for it and got beat down. I was pretty pissed that I worked really hard for 3 months and had nothing to show for it.

    Then I thought about it some more. A year ago, I hadn’t been in the gym since May or June. I only started lifting again in January, and didn’t really go fully back to strongman until August. In that time, I’ve managed to lose 40 lbs, get stronger, and start taking control of my life. There was a guy in the novice division who beat me last time I competed. He’s still competing in novice, and now I’m stronger than him. I am getting better. I have a couple of contests I’m looking at in April. Six months of dedicated strongman. Time to go to work.

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