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Brute Strength Gym Remembrance Day Competition

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Date(s) - 10/11/2018
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Brute Strength Gym

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Brute’s Remembrance Strongman

Circus DB



Yoke Carry

40’  down


40’ back

Axle Deadlift





40’ each





Novice LW Women <140 50- 90-90 275 225 115-50 TBD
Novice HW Women 60-115-115 300 250 125-75 TBD
LW Open Women <140 60-115-115 300 250 125-75 TBD
MW Open Women <180 70-125-125 390 300 135-100 TBD
HW Open Women 181+ 80-135-135 450 350 145-125 TBD
Novice LW Men <231 110-180-180 530 450 225-180 TBD
Novice HW Men 120-210-210 600 500 245-200 TBD
Masters 120-210-210 600 500 245-200 TBD
Men Open <175 110-180-180 530 450 225-180 TBD
Men Open 200 120-210-210 630 500 245-200 TBD
Men Open 231 135-250-250 730 525 265-240 TBD
Men Open 265 165-270-270 810 500 305-260 TBD
Men Open SHW 165-270-270 810 575 305-260 TBD

Press Medley:- 45 sec time Frame, Clean & Press each lift, implement will start on the floor, (must be pressed in order) can be pressed, push pressed, push jerk or split jerk overhead to lockout * Circus DB must be pressed with one hand** (No resting on belt or  head) Athlete must wait for “good” command before returning to the floor under control  (No dropping)  hands must stay in contact with implement.  Lock out overhead with arms straight, head thru,  and feet parallel and stationary. Any anatomical limitations preventing full lock out must be demonstrated to the judge prior to start of lift. Equipment Allowed: Belt, Chalk, Wrist Wraps, Elbow Sleeves. Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or similar products, lifting hook

Yoke Carry: – 60 second Time Limit – 40’ down (reset)   NO TURN -40’ Back –  One Dropped allowed -Feet must cross the line at both 40’. No sliding allowed (disqualification if sliding is obvious)

Equipment Allowed:  Knee sleeves, Chalk and Belt are allowed –   Equipment Not allowed: No straps – No Tacky allowed (tacky towel allowed)

Axle Deadlift: 60 second time limit for reps- Good Lift: The athlete must lift Axle to a locked out position with head up, shoulders back, legs and feet in line. Athlete must wait for the judge’s signal before lowering the apparatus to receive a good lift and start the next repetition. NO Dropping of the Bar Allowed   Equipment allowed: Straps,belt,chalk, elbow and knee sleeves –wrist wraps (support rehband shorts allowed) Equipment not allowed: No Deadlift Suits,hooks, tacky.

Farmers / Keg Carry: 60 second time frame, each implement 40’, One Drop allowed – No throwing or slamming of implements.  Keg Must Be standing up at the end of the course (No shouldering of Keg) Feet Must Cross the 40’ mark for both implements.  Equipment Allowed: Belt, Chalk,Knee Sleeves, Wrist Wraps.  Equipment Not allowed No Grip Shirts, Lifting Straps, Hooks

Overhead Toss: Implement used will be a Slam Balls .  Three (3) Slam ball weights  (and Height will be determined.  45 sec.  Technique: Implement will swing between the legs (Back Facing Bar) throwing the weight up and directly overhead.



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