Strongman Exercise Index

How to: The Dicks Press

Despite its odd name it provides a lot of time under tension and is a killer tricep finisher. Watch the video below for how to do it.

How To: Reverse Ring Flies

Try reverse ring flies to strengthen your upper back and rear delts which are key to a big overhead press.

How To Simulate A Viking Press

Have a Viking Press coming up in a contest without the actual implement? Or simply want to try a different overhead press variation. Check out the video below on how to set up a Viking press simulation in any gym.

How To Continental Clean

The Continental Clean is a necessary evil to clean heavy weights on an axle which doesn’t rotate like a standard barbell and is thicker in diameter. Watch below for some tips on how to Continental clean.

How To Z Press

The Z Press is an effective exercise to increase your shoulder strength, hip flexors and core. Watch how to do it below.

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