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How To Continental Clean

The Continental Clean is a necessary evil to clean heavy weights on an axle which doesn’t rotate like a standard barbell and is thicker in diameter. Watch below for some tips on how to Continental clean.

How To Z Press

The Z Press is an effective exercise to increase your shoulder strength, hip flexors and core. Watch how to do it below.

Hafthor Bj√∂rnsson Sets Weight Over Bar World Record 19’9″

Hafthor Bj√∂rnsson broke his own world record of 19’5″ in the 56lb weight over bar with a successful attempt clearing 19’9″ in an exhibition at the Loon Mountain Highland games and judging by the video it looks like he could clear 20 feet.

Eddie Hall On The True Geordie Podcast

In Eddie Hall’s first podcast appearance he sits down with The True Geordie Podcast for around 2 hours and doesn’t hold back. Talking about his journey to becoming Worlds Strongest Man, Sacrifice, the controversy with Hafthor at WSM, how Worlds Strongest Man could be shown live and a lot more. Worth the watch.

Strong Talk Q&A: How To Train The Husafell Stone

This weeks Q&A covers the Husafell stone and other front carries for max distance. How should you approach progression and programming leading up to a contest when events are for max distance.

Tips and Tricks To Help Your Frame Deadlift

By Kalle Beck With Nationals fast approaching here are some tips we hope you find helpful on maximizing leverages and your own strength for the frame deadlift.

Robert Oberst Attempts Crossfit Games Workout Strongman’s Fear

With the announcement of the very Strongman-centric event at the 2017 Crossfit Games “Strongman’s Fear” the talk throughout the Strongman world has been how would a Pro Strongman fair in this workout? Can anyone at Worlds Strongest Man do a Handstand walk? Robert Oberst decided to give it a try and has some tips for …

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