Strong Talk Podcast

Strong Talk Podcast 88: Steve Barkley United States Strongman Nationals

This weeks guest is Steve Barkley who hosted United States Strongman 2017. Kalle & Steve talk about how it come about, everything that goes into hosting such a large event behind the scenes and more.

Strong Talk Podcast 87: Official Strongman Games

This week we have Lynn Morehouse of Train Strongman back on (check previous episode 78 for the first interview) to talk about hosting the “Official Strongman Games” and answering questions about how the online qualifiers will work.

Strong Talk Podcast 86: What Happened To The Website & Nationals Talk

This Week Kalle Beck talks to Michael Battaglino about what happened to the website and what is next.

Strong Talk Podcast 80: Chris Vachio Recaps America’s Strongest Disabled Man

This week Kalle Beck is joined by our first recurring guest Chris Vachio who just got done promoting America’s Strongest Disabled man. Chris talks about the contest, contest promotion and his next show “Unspeakable Strength III” The heaviest amateur Strongman contest in the world.

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