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Strong Talk Podcast 100: Glenn Ross

Thank You for your support! I am truly honored to have been able to bring 100 episodes of Strong Talk. This week with the legendary Strongman Glenn Ross. Glenn is currently a Strongman Promoter running Ultimate Strongman which puts on fantastic contests throughout the world and has launched some of the top talent in the …

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Strong Talk Podcast 98: Lynn Morehouse

Lynn Morehouse comes is this weeks episode for a record 3rd time. Lynn talks about The Official Strongman Games (Worlds Strongest Woman and Worlds Strongest Man U80,U90,U105kg, etc) now that the online qualifiers are done. What he learned, what he would have done different and looking ahead to the event in the Dorton Arena in …

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Strong Talk Podcast 96: Matt Mills

Matt Mills is a 105kg Pro Strongman with a third place finish at America’s Strongest Man. He is now a few weeks out of Strongman Corporation Nationals where he is looking to win his heavyweight pro card. Matt also owns and runs one of the best Strongman gyms in the world Lightning Fitness located in …

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Strong Talk Podcast 95: Pat Davidson

Pat Davidson is a Strongman competitor who has competed at the Arnold World Championships but more than that Pat has a PHD in Exercise Physiology and one of the smartest people in the sport. This episode is packed full of information so get out your notepads and get ready to get stronger just from listening. …

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Strong Talk Q&A: How To Train The Husafell Stone

This weeks Q&A covers the Husafell stone and other front carries for max distance. How should you approach progression and programming leading up to a contest when events are for max distance.

Kalle Beck On Dog Life Radio Episode 12

Kalle Beck was a guest on Dog Life Radio talking about Strongman and how it can be for everyone.

For The Love Of Strength

By Kalle Beck  This will be somewhat more of a personal piece, so be warned. It won’t have any tricks to make you a stronger lifter, how to improve your log press or fix your deadlift lockout. My reasons for writing like this are entirely personal. I started this site/blog (when it was LetKalleLift.com) as …

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2015 Worlds Strongest Disabled Man

Article by Bryan Barrett The 2015 Worlds Strongest Disabled Man was held in Iceland last month on the 16th of June. The event is organized by four time World’s Strongest, Man Magnús Ver Magnússon, and Arnar Már Jónsson. The competition is divided into two separate divisions; Wheelchair and Standing. The Standing Division is for developmentally disabled …

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Interview With Dimitar Savatinov

Interview By Christian Saba Starting Strongman recently got the chance to catch up with Dimitar Savatinov shortly after competing in World’s Strongest Man, 2015. We asked him some hard hitting questions about cookies, strongman, and his life. Hailing from Bulgaria, and with a background in the circus, it certainly seems he’s seen it all. Outside of …

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