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Paris 2024 Weightlifting – Where Will The Medals Go?

We are getting closer and closer to the 2024 Olympic games in Paris. With the games being so close, many are starting to think about who could potentially win those gold medals. For those watching weightlifting in particular, who is likely to make it to the podium this year?

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Current Weightlifting Competitor Predictions

Any current predictions being made about the weightlifting category at the Olympic Games will be based on the IWF World Cup, which was held in March and April of 2024. This was the last compulsory event for competitors looking to become eligible for the Olympic Games this year, so we saw some very stiff competition between those competing.

Even though we saw so many competitors reach those eligibility goals for the games,  we still do not know exactly who will be competing if the event this summer. The full 120 competitor roster will not be made public until June, with some competitors, such as those from the refugee team not being finalized until this list is publicized.

Because of this, while we can make predictions about the medal winners of the event, we do not know exactly who will be competing as of yet. For those looking to place early bets on the weightlifting category at the Olympics, they may want to wait until this list is finalized. Initial odds from the best bookmakers in Ireland are listed below, but ofcouse these can change.

Men’s Potential Medallists

Starting with the men’s category, let’s see who will be a contender for the Olympics. Currently only the top three in the simplified ranking list for 61kg have totalled 300kg or more. In the entire A group of lifters at the World Cup, all 14 competitors did have entries of at least 300 kg. This includes two competitors from china, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In the B Group this year, things got fiercely competitive. This group includes Shin Rok (Korea), Ivan Dimov (Bulgaria), Trinh Van Vin (Vietnam), Simon Brandhuber (Germany), and Arley Calderon (Cuba). All of these competitors will be ones to watch during the Olympics, and are all very capable of coming away with a medal or two.

Other names you need to watch in the men’s category include Rahmat Erwin (Indonesia) and Shi Zhiyong (China). They went up against each other at the world, and it was one of the most exciting events of the competition. Erwin is a multiple world record holder, making him a gold medal contender at the Olympics.

There are other world record holders making their way to the Olympics as well. This includes Liu Huanhua (China), who is the 96kg snatch world record holder. We have seen many of the competitors here working hard to reach the same achievements, so competition for those gold medals this year is going to be exciting to watch.

Women’s Potential Medallists

What can we expect to see in the women’s competitions at the Olympic Games weightlifting competitions this year? 

China very much dominated the women’s competitions at the World Cup this year, coming away with world records and a large number of Olympics eligible competitors. However, they will not be able to take all of their women’s weightlifters to the Olympic due to restrictions, so they will have to decide who will be staying home.

When you take a look at the rankings leaders right now, in all five women’s weights categories, the leaders are Chinese. Liao Guifang (China) is a name that many in particular are pinning their hopes on for a gold medal. However you should not be ruling out other countries for those medals as well. Olivia Reeves, a 20 year old competitor from the US, is looking to come for Guifang’s position right now and is a powerful contender. 

Potential Changes To Weightlifter Lineups

As mentioned above, we will not get the full liner of weightlifters going to the Olympic Games until June, so we do not know exactly who will be going. However, we do know that some really excellent weightlifters will not be making their way there. The Phuket team were not able to compete in the Olympics this year for example, as they were not able to become eligible in time.

Rankings may change as well depending on how many competitors countries choose to send. For example, if china or the USA declines a place in any weights category, because they feel they have better chances to win a medal else work, another athlete who placed 11th will make their way to the top 10.

Right now we do not know exactly who is going to be a contender for those gold medals at the Olympic Games in Paris this year. However, thanks to the IWF World Cup, we have a good idea of who is bringing their A game this year.  Once we know the full rankings in June, you will be able to pick your favourites for the medals in Paris.

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