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A newcomer to the Stanley Cup? Here’s everything you need to know about it

One of the biggest sporting competitions in the world is the Stanley Cup. Technically referring to the championship trophy that’s awarded to the National Hockey League playoff champion every year, if you’re not familiar with the Stanley Cup, it’s probably time you were. 

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In this article, we’ll explore a brief history of the Stanley Cup, and everything you need to know about this exciting annual championship.

Stanley Cup’s history

At over 125 years old, the Stanley Cup was created by Sir Frederick Arthor Stanley back in 1892. The first team ever to be awarded the Stanley Cup? The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association just a year later in 1893. However, since 1926, the Stanley Cup has only been awarded to teams in the National Hockey League.

Made of silver and nickel alloy and sitting at 35.24 inches tall, there have actually been three versions of the Stanley Cup since the original bowl of 1892, as well as there being the 1963 Presentation Cup and a Replica Cup from 1993, which is used when the Presentation Cup is not available. 

Over the years, what was once a bowl has transformed into a trophy which is due to the decision in 1924 to engrave the winning players’ names into the bands below after every season.

This engraving process has given the Stanley Cup some of its character and uniqueness, as it’s incredibly personalized – and there are some errors that have been inscribed onto it. It’s also meant that over the years, bands have to be replaced as the number of names the Stanley Cup holds increases annually.

Another interesting aspect to the Stanley Cup which makes it unique from other trophies is that it is assigned two trustees to have power over it and all matters that come through it. These include the former NHL Executive Vice President Brian O’Neill as well as Ian “Scotty” Morrison who is a longtime referee in the NHL as well as a former president of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

A further fascinating aspect of this trophy is that each player as part of the winning team gets to have the cup for 24 hours, alongside the front office employee of the team. Players can take the cup wherever they want (although it does have full time escorts) and that has meant it’s had some very interesting stories associated with it over the years, with people drinking from it, and it having attended various events including a baby christening. It’s also been taken fishing and been thrown into different swimming pools, which is unlike any other trophy in professional sport. 

Get to know the facts

This year, the 2022-23 NHL season ends on April 13, with the playoffs scheduled to be held from Monday April 17, although this is still a tentative date. The final for the Stanley Cup will commence in June on the 8th, with games running, should they be required, until the 18th of June. The Boston Bruins are the early favorites in the Stanley Cup odds, just ahead of Colorado Avalanche but it can all change so quickly.

While there are 1,312 games during the 2022-23 season played by teams, only a total of 16 teams will advance through to the playoffs at the end of each season. The team who has won the Stanley Cup the most is the Montreal Canadiens, who have won the cup a total of 25 times. The runner up team in second place for most wins are the Toronto Maple Leaves who have won the cup 13 times. And in third place for most wins of the Stanley Cup are the Detroit Red Wings who have won a total of 11 Stanley Cups in the history of the trophy. 

Out of the active 32 teams in the NHL, a total of 12 have never won the Stanley Cup, while 5 of these teams haven’t made it to the championships. 

In 2022, the Cup was won by the Colorado Avalanche who beat out Tampa Bay Lightning at the finals. 

Into the future

It’ll be interesting to read more about the Stanley Cup’s story as it changes over the years, with new players added to it and as it’s been taken to new places. For new fans looking to get involved, be sure to watch the final from June.

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