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Build Like a Football Player

Besides regular sports betting, we often try to be like our NFL heroes. But do you know how much they must do to look that fit?

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Many hours in the weight room are necessary for a football player to develop the necessary speed, strength, agility, and power to excel on the field. Football players need to exercise in various ways, so we made this comprehensive workout for you to incorporate into your regimen.

Hang Power Clean/Snatch

It’s been hypothesized that the hang power clean directly affects a person’s ability to leap and dash. A benchmark exercise for strength and power, it should not, however, take the place of actual training in the techniques and mechanics of jumping and running. As long as coaches invest time in teaching appropriate overhead methods and mechanics, the snatch may be incorporated similarly to the clean.

Power Clean/Snatch

Strength and power can be developed by performing variations on the clean and snatch, such as the power clean and power snatch. The power clean/snatch begins on the ground (instead of in the hang) and culminates with the athlete in a semi-squatted, powerful stance.

In addition to the snatch and clean (full or partial squat versions), clean pulls can be utilized to boost maximum strength. They provide a similar training stimulus to the clean and snatch, but without the requirement for as much flexibility and mobility in the shoulders, wrists, etc., and can be incorporated into training programs to help lifters advance towards the power clean and improve the lift’s technique. The clean/snatch pull can be substituted for the clean/snatch, but coaches should be aware that their athletes will reap different benefits than they would with a full or partial squat.

Power Jerk

The power jerk is an excellent exercise for building overall strength and power since it challenges the lower body and the hips, shoulders, chest, and triceps. This advanced pressing move requires precise timing between the sending and receiving positions. While the push press is an option, some coaches may use it less frequently.

Push Press

The strength and power of your legs, arms, and abs contribute to the push press. The push press is an excellent exercise for increasing total body power and integrating upper body pushing since it has been shown to have a maximal mean power comparable to or even slightly higher than the jump squat. The most effective loads for boosting power were between 65 and 75 percent of one’s repetition maximum.

Squats for Runners

Here are some examples of unilateral and bilateral squat variations that coaches can employ to train their athletes’ legs and posterior chains.

  • The back squat is a cornerstone for developing leg strength and the posterior chain.
  • The front squat is a great exercise to build your quads, strengthen your abs, and lighten the pressure on your lower back when you need to cut back on your workouts.
  • The split squat is a unilateral exercise for developing superior strength, power, and functionality in one leg. Unlike the Bulgarian split squat, which needs far more balance, this exercise permits the runner to plant one foot firmly on the floor.
  • The Bulgarian split squat is an excellent exercise for developing unilateral strength, power, and muscle growth and testing one’s balance, which is crucial for single-leg sports.
  • The step-up is an effective exercise for developing unilateral leg strength, balancing, and moving under load.

Bench Press

Bench pressing is a standard upper-body strength and hypertrophy exercise that helps build the chest, triceps, and shoulders, which are essential for blocking, contact situations, tackling, and almost every other activity in football.

These workouts are known for being some of the most challenging and demanding exercises, requiring a combination of strength, power, coordination, and neurological adaptation. Despite being difficult to master, research has shown that incorporating these lifts into your training can lead to significant performance improvements in the short term. So if you’re looking to push yourself to new heights and take your athletic ability to the next level, consider incorporating the Olympic lifts into your routine. Just be prepared for a challenging but ultimately rewarding journey.

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