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Mohamed Salah: How strict diet and exercise created one of the greatest soccer players in the world

In a variety of different sports, many athletes have achieved success against the odds of becoming one of the top players in their respective sports. This does not tend to happen as a result of good fortune, these athletes tend to work incredibly hard to reach their peak physicality. They often maintain incredibly strict gym routines and diet plans in order to maintain their status as one of the greatest within their sport. Here we will look at how Mohamed Salah of Liverpool Football Club is a shining example of how dedication and sacrifice are crucial in order to reach the peak of soccer.

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Rigorous gym work and a strict diet

As an aspiring footballer Mohamed Salah had to travel miles daily just to be able to train and improve as a football. However, upon eventually reaching the heights of European soccer, Salah has been incredibly disciplined in terms of his diet and exercise routines ever since. Salah has been one of the Premier League’s leading goalscorers for many years now, in a bet on football he is an outsider to claim the league’s golden boot this season at +15000 after a poor goalscoring return so far for his standards. However, Salah’s desire to be the greatest in his sport means he will surely return to his peak form in the near future.

Being at one of the world’s top clubs, Salah has access to state-of-the-art training facilities which he uses to his advantage. Despite standing at just 5’9 Salah is known to be an incredibly strong player due to his dedication to strength training in the gym even during Ramadan. Salah also maintains his peak fitness and physicality through other methods such as regular yoga exercises and swimming as well as a strict diet plan. Salah’s diet consists of carbohydrates, fruit, and vegetables early in the morning before loading himself up on calories at lunchtime with meat before a lighter dinner of a similar variety to his breakfast.

Ultimately Salah is dedicated to being the greatest version of himself, in terms of his physique and his mindset, and the positive results from this are seen in his performances on the pitch. His sacrifices began early in his career and his mentality remains unchanged, he is willing to make any changes necessary to his day-to-day routine in order to be successful in soccer.

Salah’s successes on the pitch

Salah has won just about everything there is to win at the club level with Liverpool. The Egyptian has played in three UEFA Champions League finals and claimed victory in one of them in which he scored an early penalty. Salah also played a major role in ending Liverpool’s title drought of 30 years, in addition to adding England’s domestic trophies in later years. 

There have been many examples of players focusing on their physique as a means of reaching the top in European soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo is seen as one of the greatest players ever and his impressive physique played a huge part in his stellar career. With soccer becoming more and more intense over the years, fitness and physicality will only become more and more important, the likes of Salah and Ronaldo are key examples of how a player can make themselves most suited for success in the modern game. 

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