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Casino slots for men: jackpots and themes

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Statistically, almost 80% of online casino customers are men. Many believe that the stronger gender has a predisposition to risks, and they have more free time. Therefore, slot machines are focused on men in the first place. However, the theme of the slots on the market is absolutely diverse. As it turns out, roulette is the favorite game of men and women at the best online casinos, which is not surprising. This gambling queen makes you feel like you’re in Las Vegas from the comfort of your home. This game will enable you to develop a strategy that can get you closer to winning.

Blackjack is the second most popular game among men. As for the ladies, slot machines are in second place. There are tens of thousands of different gambling slots available at online casinos with themes ranging from animals, cartoons, and anime, to adventure games based on mythology and ancient gods and games based on popular TV shows. In this respect, the best payout online slots are superior to other games of chance. After all, roulette or poker are reduced to the placement of chips on a green table, and playing slot machines, you can feel a completely different climate.

But let’s go back to statistics – it turns out that ladies are more likely than men to buy lottery tickets and use scratch cards at online casinos (72% for women and 58% for men). Females also bet on games such as keno. However, gentlemen are widely represented in the sports betting category. They are overwhelmingly represented in poker as well – 7 times more men than women play cards for money at online casinos.

It was also studied what percentage of men and women bet at online casinos in the last 12 months. It turns out that they did: 33% of men and 24% of women.

Men’s online slots or what is the excitement without limits

The taste of real victories for unscrupulous gamblers is a sacred thing. That is why the men’s slot machines should satisfy the need of users in new emotions and, as often as possible, help them with the most desirable – the money prize.

It is believed that men are not as meticulous as the opposite sex. Still, when choosing a suitable game for the slot machine, they pay attention not only to the manufacturer’s stated percentage return but also to such vital points as:

  • Design – the more attractive-looking slot, the stronger the desire to “shake out” of its maximum profit;
  • Ability to easily make deposit and withdraw money without delays;
  • Comfortable gameplay, decent functionality, and precise control panel;
  • Demo mode to study the characteristics;
  • The quality of drawing symbols and sound;
  • Ability to change the number of active lines (the more they are in the emulator, the more interesting the process) and the stake.

Men’s slot machines are slightly different from any other themed machines. Some people think they are gloomy and overloaded with additional options and intricate prize rounds, but, frankly, ladies often look into this section of our site – excitement and emotions take over.

Top classic slots for men

  1. Crazy Monkey has been very attractive to men for several years now. It is a classic slot machine, allowing you to get good prizes quickly. Bright animation, a little craze – all as we like.
  2. Secret Elixir gives a lot of winning combinations and bonuses. The slot is loved for the more attractive prizes and simplicity of the game.
  3. Lucky Lady’s Charm is rich with feminine beauty, so it is not surprising that men often choose this slot. Winning here is not easy, but even the loss will not be too bitter.
  4. Caribbean Holidays has an interesting tropical vacation theme – the relaxing atmosphere of the game and the opportunity to increase your own fortune.
  5. Marco Polo, Book of Ra, and Aztec Gold add a taste of adventure in pursuit of money; the plot and engaging gameplay hold the player’s attention.

Card games

Poker and Blackjack are the most frequent choice among men, although more and more women are joining card games. Regular card tables are losing ground to tables with live dealers. And yet have their familiar fans among men.


Men eagerly participate in tournaments between players offered by online casinos. Tournaments spice up the game experience, allowing you to get a lot of money at the end, forming a rating. Whether men will agree to participate often depends on the size of the winnings.

Poker tournaments

Poker tournaments are a unique intellectual competition, attracting men who know the game well. The winnings depend almost entirely on the player’s own abilities. It makes sense to come here if you have experience playing poker, including with a live dealer. The atmosphere of the game attracts the highest heat of excitement.

Action movie slots

The popular slot developer iSoftBet released 2 slots with a masculine character. Both slots were released with themes of 2 popular action movies – Rambo and Platoon. The slot dedicated to Rambo has a non-standard playing field. While compiling prize combinations, images from the movie appear. Other symbols are various military equipment pieces and the main character’s appearance. During free spins, the expanding symbol will be chosen at random. The player gets the jackpot during the grenade fall (5 to 8).

The other movie, Platoon, was not as famous, but it stands out because of the many prestigious nominations. During the slot launch, the player is transported to the jungle. On the reels, he can observe images of the film’s main characters. The symbol of the tank performs the role of the wild. A certain number of pictures of the tank trigger free spins.

Original Image: pexels

Aircraft-themed slots

Playtech studio has released a slot, which is dedicated to military aircraft. The player will see the most famous aircraft models from World War II on the screen. The symbol of the pilot performs the role of the wild. 3 gold emblems trigger the bonus. Thus, he chooses the number of free spins

Another popular slot on the aircraft theme was created by the film Top Gun. Portraits of the main characters in the film act as expensive characters. The most surprising thing is that the movie’s central character was not involved in the slot. There is a unique feature in the game that triggers an aerial battle. Then fighter missiles are aimed at the reels, and the wilds appear at the location of the firing. This increases the chances of getting the jackpot. This feature is active only during free spins. Free spins are activated in the case of a roll of 3 scatters.


Fans of sea battles will find themselves in the Silent Run Slot from NetEnt. Gamers will reincarnate as the commanders of the submarine. Excellent graphics and music distinguish the slot. During the prize round, the captain will conduct firing on the opponents. He will use radar to select targets and launch torpedoes.

Battleship Direct Hit is based on the popular board game. In this slot, players are encouraged to fire missiles at their enemies. For each successful operation, the player gets a certain number of free spins.

Here is a list of some other popular slots among men. There are:

  1. Garage – it has many advantages:
  • Double-sided lines counting combinations;
  • Risk game with a preview of the opponent’s cards;
  • Two unique bonus games.
  • Tied to the bonus game, draw mini-jackpot (Boxes) and a kind of quest with the opening of the garage door. 
  1. Moorhuhn – An undeservedly forgotten five-reel with an annoying chicken brings a smile to your face. Anyone who grew up on Dandy can’t forget the feeling of a virtual pistol to hit the annoying bird with. Gloating at misses dog, with whom players have an old score from as far back as the 90s, will also appear on the reels. And although you can not use the pistol, the reward for accurate shots will be satisfactory. 
  2. Battle Tanks – It is important to note that the game World Of Tanks elements are used to respect copyrights. And if the famous tank strategy gives only fun, the tank battle in the form of the slot machine can bring more winnings. A variety of mechanics is not impressive, but the slot itself looks brutal.
  3. Strip Bar – If the previous versions of gambling entertainment could also please the opposite gender, the Strip Bar can cause discontent. The reel will rotate all the ladies’ body charms, just covered with clothing hints. There are no obstacles to the game; you can safely enjoy the graphics, free spins, and generous payouts. The machine is available in demo mode, so it can safely be called the only strip bar where you can enjoy private dancing for free.

How to choose the best slot machines

The principle of all slot machines is the same. The user makes a bet, starts a spin, and waits for the spin results. The general similarities of the process of playing slot machines are different from each other. Each has its own pay lines, payout percentage, and bonus rounds. This complicates the choice. When choosing a slot machine, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. High-quality graphics;
  2. An exciting storyline;
  3. Good music background;
  4. Bonus levels;
  5. Paylines;
  6. Multipliers and jackpot;
  7. Payout percentage;
  8. Licenses.

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