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Which sport is the most popular for betting and why?

Betting is not something new, it has been around ever since people started watching sports, and it is known as one of the favorite activities among sports enthusiasts. Both in the online and offline world of sports betting, the numbers are massive, and the biggest betting conglomerates worldwide have hundreds of thousands of customers.

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Although with the introduction of online betting, it has become even more popular and turned into a billion-dollar industry. And it makes up about 40% of the global gambling market, although that also includes lotteries, casinos, and $5 deposit casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and other gaming. But still, it estimates that over €500 million is wagered annually around the world from people that bet on sport, so no wonder why almost every sports site started accepting bets on all popular sports that emerge on the internet.

There are many options to bet on out there. However, based on a review, there have always been a few giants that account for most of the overall sports betting market. So, let’s see what’s the number one sport in the world and which sports are most popular among sports betting enthusiasts.


Football is the biggest and the most played sport globally, so it has to be number one on our list. The early cash-outs and play betting are the things that made betting in football so popular. A huge amount of money is put into such bets. However, it is hard to get accurate figures because of many unregulated markets, such as college students betting on college football. But based on the hundreds of millions put into popular bets for big events, the true figure must be enormous.

Although there are several countries in which football is not the number one sport, such as in the USA where the most popular is NFL, New Zealand and Australia where they adore rugby and in Canada where the top sport is their national sport Hockey. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been known as the synonym of gambling for many years. And it was the most popular sport to bet on before football. But still, horse races are some of the richest sporting events in which the biggest sports bets are put, and people can bet on them whenever they want. It is estimated that almost €100 billion is put into such events annually.


It may surprise many, but the third spot on our list is tennis. There are combinations when it comes to tennis. You can bet on who will win a set or who is going to win a game, which makes it an attractive betting sport to many. The major factor in tennis betting is live betting, and also it is so popular because of the easy low odds bets.


The betting on golf started rising in recent years. The things that made this a popular betting sport are the 78 players playing at any moment and the different betting formats. There are big events every 3 days and major ones every 4 days, and with so many players on the field, the gamblers have much more odds, opportunities, and variable outcomes than any other sports. With the launch of golf simulators, the industry can expect more possible developments in golf betting.


eSport is the fastest-growing sport in the industry. It represents the competitive playing of video games between teams or individuals. And thousands of matches are played daily with bookmarks that offer odds on every aspect of the game. You can bet on eSports just like on traditional sports. Many of the sites that feature eSports games offer a variety of free bets and bonuses to newcomers, such as casinos who offer free spins to their slot games. No player would not enjoy a free chance to win the jackpot, so no wonder why it is becoming so popular.


Like we already said at the beginning, betting has been prevalent since the time people started watching spots, and nowadays it is allowed in almost every sport, and people love it for many reasons such as the chance to improve their financial condition, the great rewards that they receive, the entertainment and fun that it provides them with, etc. And thanks to technology nowadays, sports betting is also convenient and easily accessible from the comfort of our homes. 

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