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Europes Strongest Man 2020 Results

With how 2020 has been going I would count any successful live show as a win. Travel restrictions and logistics seem to have kept some of the usual big names away from the contest but securing a TV slot for the show is important I feel for the sport and it was set in an iconic setting in front of a castle with 9 Strongman events giving it a very old school feel.

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Highlights include a fantastic performance by Luke Richardson showing how much he has improved and winning overall. Yet another hercules hold world record by Mark Felix and Graham Hicks breaking the British Log Press record with 220kg.

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Unofficial Results

  • Luke Richardson 69pts *qualifies for Worlds Strongest Man 2021
  • Adam Bishop 64pts * qualifies for Worlds Strongest Man 2021*
  • Ervin Toots 57pts * qualifies for Worlds Strongest Man 2021*
  • Graham Hicks 54.5pts
  • Aaron page 54pts
  • Mark Felix 49pts
  • Pa O’Dwyer 49pts
  • Gavin Bilton 46pts
  • Jack Osborn 38pts
  • Paul Benton 23pts
  • Terry Hollands 15pts
  • Alex Lungu 13.5pts

Graham Hicks Breaks British Log Press Record

Mark Felix breaks Hercules Hold Record

Luke Richardson faces off with Adam Bishop for the title

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