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Saving Money Shopping For Strongman Underwear

One of the most common questions I get is what to wear for Strongman training. What shoes, socks, pants, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, belt and even… Underwear.

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With Strongman training underwear matters more than one would think it does so a lot of thought goes into this. There is the classic “blue pants” everyone has seen while watching Worlds Strongest Man which are made out of thick neoprene which are both durable and provide warmth and support. What people miss is that you also want to wear compression shorts under them and my favorite are the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear® Armour Mid Compression Shorts

If you wonder why to wear underwear under your…. Underwear well try not and let me know how it goes 🙂

So why not simple cotton underwear and typical mesh shorts?

Imagine you have been competing all day at an event and the last event is Atlas Stone over bar with tacky? You have your typical shorts and underwear on and dozens of competitors have already loaded this stone for reps and got tacky all over it. It has basically turned into a tacky ball. You have never seen so much tacky on a stone before. You get it into your lap and go to load it over the bar but it is STUCK to you and you have to physically try to separate the stone from you as you extend and what is coming with you? Your Shorts and your underwear. 

This is a memory that came to my mind recently when shopping for new Under Armour compression shorts and I like everyone else am always looking for the best deal online on new training gear and apparel.

I was browsing around and in my search came across Slickdeals which has an entire Under Armour page with coupons and daily deals on their products.  I found some great coupons there including Get $10 Off Code When You Spend over $50

50% off

Men’s UA Tech™ 9″ Boxerjock $12.99 + Free S/H w/ S/R

And there are more deals posted daily so check back often. I was able to save a couple bucks which I always appreciate and I hope it helps you save some money as well.

Go pick up some compression shorts so your shorts stay on when loading stones.

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