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12″ Titan Fitness Rackable Strongman Log Bar Review

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I received the 12″ Rackable Strongman Log from Titan Fitness and it came packaged well. I was eager to try it out as I like to perform log press out of the rack sometimes and not do a full clean. This can be accomplished by putting a log on spotter arms but I thought this might be a better solution.

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The 12″ rackable log is basically the same as the 12″ Titan Log with the body cut down a bit and a longer loading sleeve with a washer/collar welded on to give some space to make the log rackable.

It is a pretty tight fit when racking the log between the uprights on my Titan T3 yoke which features 2×3 construction. If you have a 3×3 rack I imagine it would be very tight. The other thing to consider is because there is some “space” between the plates and the body of the log if you drop this log with full size plates or bumper plates you will likely bend the sleeves. I would recommend using 25s and Titan Silincer pads if doing full clean and presses with this log.

Overall the log performed well when pressing with it and it was nice to use the J cups and it felt more secure than spotter arms but it had a few quality control issues of uneven welded parts which I have not experienced when reviewing the 12″ normal log or 10″ multi grip log bar

I am not too sure on how to give this log a final score. The shorter main body length makes it not as good for clean and press and the space is fairly tight for using it out of a rack. So it is kind of OK at everything but not great at anything. The price point of 249.95 is good but I was disappointed in the quality of a few welds and cuts though it didn’t effect using it. If I had a choice I would pick up the regular 12″ log but right now beggars cant be choosers and at the moment the rackable log is available for back order and the regular log is not.

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