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The Grip Guide by Josh Thigpen AVAILABLE NOW!

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The Grip Guide is a 12 week program to build a stronger grip by multiple time worlds strongest man competitor Josh Thigpen.

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These are the methods that built Thigpens grip into one of the strongest grips of all time! Just a few of his grip accomplishments include-


-unofficial world record 600 pound farmers hold (most weight anyone has ever held in their hands) 6 seconds

-IHGF World Record Dinnie Stone replica farmers walk first man to carry 50 foot distance without a drop (lighter set than the actual dinnie stones)

  • 484 pound axle double overhand deadlift

-2010 Fit Expo first place 950 lb frame hold for time defeating Mark Felix

-275 lb rolling thunder

This program has also helped many strongmen and powerlifters grip go to the next level! A strong grip is necessary on many strongman events. Some dominate contests only to lose on a grip event. Don’t ever let that happen, get the Grip Guide now!

The methods are simple but extremely effective. The grip guide includes-

-A secret that can completely change the game for your grip. (This will instantly add strength to your grip)

-A 12 week program to build you grip

  • The best assistance work to build your grip
  • An exercise most have never seen or heard of that will strengthen your fingers, hand, forearms and grip like no other!
  • Breaks down the proper frequency for grip training that will build your strongest grip
  • Breaks down the different types of grip strength and which one is most applicable to strongman and powerlifting

-And much more!

Josh Thigpen is the only man who knows what holding on to 600 pounds in each hand feels like! These are the methods that built such groundbreaking grip strength!

Get the Grip Guide now!

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