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Training Strongman Without A Gym

I know a lot of you have no gym access and it is super frustrating. In these times you have to focus on what you can do with your training. So the first thing to do is to take stock of any and all possible fitness related items you have. Bands, a dumbbell or two, kettlebell, that old jump rope laying in your closet, that big rock in your backyard, etc make a list and go from there.

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After you have made your list remember there are other aspects of training to make you an athlete other than strength training including.

Go For A Walk/Hike

If you are not in a congested area and it is currently permitted now is a great time to enjoy some outdoor space and clear your head, go for a walk or hike if you can. To make it harder fill a backpack full of canned goods, etc. Of course avoid contact with others and keep a good distance.

Calisthenics (Body Weight movements)

There is a lot you can get done with bodyweight (or a little extra weight from whatever random things around the house you can find)

Some things to consider is you need to up the volume because you are using less weight, reps will increase frequency can increase, you can make everything harder by having set rest times like EMOMS, Tabatas, etc or by slowing the tempo down try to do 3-5 second eccentrics Push ups and goblet squats get hard very quick. Below is a GREAT guide from @JaffeStrength https://www.instagram.com/p/B90YAgsgqa_/

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PLEASE READ! This is a frustrating time for many of you with gyms facing a mandatory closing to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Many have asked what they can do in the mean time. I’ve taken the time to write many exercises that can be done at home with just Bodyweight, bands, kettlebells, dumbbells or a stability ball. If you have a barbell of your own, consider these accessory work. I’ve also included methods to increase the difficulty of each. Pick 5-6 from each and 1-2 intensity methods. Put to together a circuit of movements or grab a training partner to help you stay sane. Please help others by sharing this list or tagging them. You can also save it for reference later and all of these should pull up on YouTube if you need to look them up. #jaffestrength #coaching #deadliftwhisperer #powerlifting #nothingspecial #earnednotgiven #subjectzero #ironrebel #informedperformance #strengthtraining #rpstrength #teamrpstrength #sbtr #jaffecult #cultshit #pma #MetriLife @ritual__apparel @ironrebel @metrilife_ @subjectzero_supps

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Mobility Work

You probably have some nagging injuries now is the time to rest them and work on them, there are a ton of free or cheap online mobility/yoga now is the time to make this a daily ritual.

Agility Drills

They are mentioned in The Cube Method For Strongman and have huge carry over to Strongman. You can get an agility ladder and cones on Amazon for around $20 or just use stuff around your house that won’t matter if it is knocked over. Improving your footwork will go a long way for your moving events and transitions between implements.

Extra Cardio 

Hill sprints, push your car/truck around, take your bike out, whatever you have access to getting in better shape will be a good change of pace when you come back to the gym you will be able to adapt quicker to the increased stress by having a better general level of fitness. 

Example At home Strongman Workout Ideas

Farmers Walk:

Grab some buckets, fill them with sand, concrete or water and go for a walk. Vary the distance, time or rest periods for new challenges you can also do some deadlifts before, during and after to make it even worse or throw some shrugs in. 

Front Carries/Loading events

If you bought in bulk like I did you have some big bags of dog food or simply buying a light (100-150lb) Sandbag will go a long way. 

Things you can do

  • Extensions 
  • Front carries (go for time, distance, EMOMs, etc
  • Squats
  • Rows
  • Clean and press each rep
  • Bag to shoulder

Things You can Buy

You can find some recommended products that are minimal cost on Amazon HERE

I will be posting some example workouts here and on Youtube be sure to share your own ideas so we can make this time a little better and easier to get through for everyone.

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