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Strong(wo)man Records to be challenged at Rogue invitational

Rogue Fitness is hosting their first ever Rogue invitational this weekend which is a Crossfit sanctioned event the weekend of May 18th and 19th, 2019 at Rogue HQ in Columbus, Ohio along with the Crossfit competition there will be 4 Strongman records being contested as part of the event by Martins Licis, Liefia Ingalls & Kristin Rhodes.

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The events include The Monster Dumbbell, Farmers Walk and Steinborn Squat

Liefia Ingalls and Kristin Rhodes will be aiming to break their own joint record on the Monster Dumbbell they set earlier this year at the Arnold Classic by lifting 165×2 the jumps will include 170 followed by a jump to 175lbs for as many reps as possible in 90 seconds. They will also be looking to establish a new world record in the farmers walk with who can do 115kg/258.29lbs the fastest over 20m/65.61 feet.

Martins Licis will be aiming to break his own Steinborn squat world record he set at The Arnold Classic in 2018 of 255kg/560lbs and Laurance Shahlaei’s Guinness world record he set in 2011 carrying in which Shahlaei carried 150kg/330lb farmers walks 20m in 6.71 seconds.

The record breakers will be live streamed on Rogue Fitness’s Youtube channel

Approximate times are 6:40-7:05PM Saturday for the Dumbbell and Steinborn and 1:40-2PM Sunday for the farmers walk CST

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