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Arnold Australia Strongman 2019 Preview

The qualifying tour for the Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 kicks off this weekend with the Arnold Australia. Athletes compete for qualifying points on the tour and the winner gets a direct qualification for the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic.

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With athletes such as last years winner Rauno Heinla, 4th place at the Arnold Classic Mikhail Shivlyakov among possible favorites looking to make their first trip to Columbus such as Rob Kearney competing in a very static and heavy show with amazing implements made by stand or submit.

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Rauno Heinla
Jimmy Paquet
Rob Kearney
Jerry Prichett
Matjaz Belsak
Alexey Novikov
Mikhail Shivlyakov
Jitse Kramer
Dylan Lockard
Matthew Selves
Eddie Williams
Jean Stephen Coraboeuf
Rongo Keene


Event Schedule

Friday 15th March
12pm: Event 1 – The Super Yoke
2pm: Event 2 – Log Press for Max weight
4pm: Event 3 – The Power Stairs

Saturday 16th March
12 noon: Event 4 – The Max Frame Deadlift
2pm: Event 5 – The Viking Press
4pm: Event 6 – The Atlas Stones



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