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Worlds Strongest Logger 2019 Preview

12 top strength athletes from around the world including Worlds Strongest Man and Strongman Champions League competitors will take on 11 amazing events most featuring natural stones and handmade wooden logs at the third annual Worlds Strongest Logger February 8th-9th at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson, California.

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Athlete List

  • Dennis Kohlruss (Germany)
  • Johan Langhorst (Netherlands)
  • Gabriel Argyelan (Romania)
  • Josh Thigpen (USA)
  • Frank Quartucci (USA)
  • Michael Congdon (USA)
  • Joshua Eisele (USA)
  • Michael Stroozas (USA)
  • Dylan Bartz (USA)
  • Ulice Payne (USA)
  • Easton Taylor (USA)
  • Sam Zylstra (USA)



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Day 1
1. Stone press, world record-breaker natural stone, 2 stones to choose from, heavier stone trumps lighter
2. Stone putt, 50-lb. stone, 3 attempts
3. Dinnie stone farmer’s walk with 300-lb. and 335-lb. stones, 50’ max distance in 60 sec., 3 drops allowed

  1. Husafell 410-lb. natural stone carry for max distance
  2. Natural stone to shoulder or load

Day 2
1. Wood log clean and press for reps, choose 13” (320-lb.) or 16” (340-lb.) log, bigger/heavier log trumps lighter one
2. Arm-over-arm truck pull, semi with trailer
3. Logger medley: farmer’s walk, tire flip, log carry with weights 320/1100/300 lb. respectively, 30’ each implement in 90 sec. total, unlimited drops on farmer’s and log carries
4. Fingal fingers, five 12’ fingers, 350–550 lb., in 90 sec.
5. Atlas stones, 5 stones at 250–300–330–365–420 lb., 60 sec. to heights 72”–64”–58”–52”–48”

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