Britains Strongest Man takes place this Saturday January 19th and the winner of the past 5 years Eddie Hall now is not returning now in his retirement so who can claim the title this year?

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1 Terry Hollands
2 Ben Badger Brunning
3 Paul Smith
4 Phil Roberts
5 Michael ‘The Bull’ Downey
6 Tom Stoltman
7 Graham Hicks
8 Mark Felix
9 Laurence Shahlaei
10 Adam Bishop
11 Luke “The Highland Oak” Stoltman – Strongman
12 Aaron Page
13 Mark Steele



  • Log Press 150kg for reps
  • Deadlift for reps 320kg
  • Frame walk 400kg 20m
  • Loading Race sacks, barrels, tire
  • Stones 100-180kg

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