Do you want to make it to Worlds Strongest Man or Worlds Strongest Woman? Get a high enough ranking in these 3 events via online submission and you can earn an invite.

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Videos are being made to go through the details of each event for this year’s Official Strongman Games – Worldwide Online Qualifier… but we don’t need to wait for them!

Even though video submissions don’t begin until September 1st, we want you to have plenty of time to prepare the for Online Qualifier.

Here are your events:

• MAX Deadlift!

• 5RM Log Clean & Press Away

• Farmers Walk

More details below:

Max Deadlift


• For max weight.

• Any bar.

• Standard bumpers or plates.

• No time limit.

• Time is not a tie-breaker.

• Straps allowed.

• Deadlift suits allowed.

• Sumo deadlifts will not be allowed. The athlete’s hands must be outside of their legs for a lift to count.

• Bar must be 20kg or 45lb.

• No dropping the bar from the top.

5RM Log Clean & Press Away


• 8″ – 14″ log diameter allowed.

• Clean once and press 5 times.

• Log cannot touch ground after initial clean.

• Head must be through on lockout to count.

• Log cannot touch head at any point during a press.

• Log must start from below the knees.

• Press, push press, push jerk, and split jerk allowed.

• Grip shirts allowed

• No time limit.

• Time is not a tie-breaker.

• Must weigh log on video.

Farmers Walk


• 50ft / 15.25meters down and turn around an object and come back.

• No drops.

• Max weight.

• No time limit.

• Time is not a tie-breaker.

• Must weigh one farmers handle on video.

Official Strongman Games 2018

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