In the middle of the Norwegian mountains, an arena has been built. An arena for giants. Huge power stairs, enormous Hercules hold pillars, timber yokes and a shitload of stones. Hafthor Bjørnsson has set world records on this equipment, Eddie Hall has been here, Krzysztof Radzikowski has cursed the stones several years in a row and JF Caron has been crowned SCL Winner here several times. This weekend 21 of the strongest women in the world will be here, using the same equipment, feeling the same awe and power. There is no arena more mythical and desirable for a strongman athlete to compete on than Fefor arena.

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These women have been training hard for the coolest events for a long time, and finally they are on their way to the Norwegian mountains. Some of the ladies are already in Norway, exploring the beauty of this country, while others are waiting to board their planes. Every single one does have some competition nerves, every single one wonder how it is to compete in a arena like Fefor.

Kalle’s Preview Video

There are a few new elements with this competition; one of them are the span of the competition. All three classes will start first event Friday afternoon, followed by three events Saturday and two Sunday. The events are:


Friday evening (19.00):

Hercules Hold – Heavy Hold for max time.

Ca 120-130kg each hand. (265 lbs-285lbs)

Saturday 10. am

Heavy Truck Pull – 60 feet, harness and rope. ca 17 ton (45 mins)

(60 seconds to complete the pull or measure a distance)

Timber Yoke – 65feet, timed. one at a time (30 mins)

(60 second time limit, unlimited drops on course, measure a distance if they do not complete the course)

LWW 3 – 210kg/462lbs

MWW 3 – 235kg/517lbs

HWW 3 – 260kg/572lbs

Extreme Atlas Stones – 8 stones for time, one at a time – (40 mins)

(60 seconds to complete all 8 stones, split times on all stones)

LW 60kg,75kg,80kg,90kg,100kg,112kg,120kg, 130 kg

MW 75kg,80kg,90kg,100kg,112kg,120kg,130kg,143kg

HW 80kg,90kg,100kg,112kg,120kg,130kg,143kg,150kg

Sunday 10. am

Viking Press – 100 – 110 kg head to head (25mins)

(60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible)

LWW 3 – 75kg/165lbs in hands

MWW 3 – 90kg/198lbs in hands

HWW 3 – 100kg/220lbs in hands

Power Stairs – head to head 140/150/170kgs (25 mins) weight will differ between divisions. Height of steps: 45cm/17,5inches

(60 seconds to get all 3 to the top and completely on, we will split time each implement)

LWW 3 – 120kg/264lbs

MWW 3 – 140kg/308lbs

HWW 3 – 170kg/375lbs

Cool events, isn’t it? Notice the stone series; that will be a tough one for everyone, especially since some of the stones are the good old concrete stones and some are some absolutely terrible granite stones.


Farah Fonseca
Liefia Ingalls
????? ?????

Laura Sprague
Christina Bangma
Jackie Bundus
Sarah Cogswell
Ashley Crawford
Bailey Gingee Deschene
Brittany Diamond
Jessica Fithen
Farah Fonseca
Leslie Hofheins
Liefia Ingalls
Sumer Johnson
Jessica Kite
Kimberly Lawrance
????? ?????
Allison Lockhart
Rachel Pyron
Julie Rader
Rebecca Roberts
Brooke Sousa
Jess Theaker

We can promise you that this will be one hell of a competition, and the best is that even if you’re not at Fefor with us, you can still see your favorite strongwoman compete. We are sending the entire competition live, with interviews of the athletes, the crew and the refs.

Live stream HERE

Event 1 Hercules hold

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