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The Static Monsters World Championship Preview

For those that have been following The Static Monsters since it started, the naming “The First one” might be confusing as it is kind of the 4th one. What it really is, is the first time, the best Log Lifters and best Axle Deadlifters have come to the same spot, from across multiple countries to go head to head, on the same stage, at the same time. This is The World Championships.

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The Static Monsters started as a single event in November 2015 on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. It was a simple event with a max log lift, a max axle deadlift with a “Monster Total” coming from the combined weight lifted from the best Log and best Deadlift. As it was so simple it was put out there to make it easy for event organisers and competitors alike to be able to easily get involved. 2 years later it became 29 events across 9 countries and a fantastic world ranking system so people could compare themselves to everyone around the planet as all events had the same rules, same equipment regulations and were run on the same weekend.

As The Static Monsters Worldwide grew it became apparent that more could be offered to the competitors. The Static Monsters World Championships was born in May 2017 to offer a pathway for the best to go further with their lifts. Top ten from each of the weight class were invited to compete in “The Home of the Arts,” a special 1100 seat tiered theatre just minutes from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, a perfect venue for the whole crowd to watch, plus easy access to accomodation for all the interstate and International competitors. Only 9 of the 63 competitors live within driving distance of the event, 22 are International with the rest coming from interstate. This is now the largest international field that has ever come to Australia for a Strongman sport event.

Weight Classes

Under 62.5kgs
Under 72.5kgs
Under 82.5kgs

Under 80kgs
Under 90kgs
Under 105kgs

The implements are a fixed wheel axle that weighs 160kgs for the deadlifts and two logs, one that is 10 inches in diameter and the other that is 12 for the 105kg and Open Men.

The first place trophies are some of the best you will see, these replica logs weigh about 1.5kgs (3 lbs) each and with loadable plates :

Competitors are coming from 10 different countries and all wanting the amazing first place trophies and the title of “World Champ” the names to Watch for are: (Full competitor list here: http://www.staticmonsters.com/2018/05/10/smwc2018-competitor-lists/)
Womens 62.5kg Class
Edith Turcotte – Canada, Barbara Johnson – Singapore, Alira Verity – Australia

Womens 72.5kgs Class
Lucia Delle Noci- Australia, Melissa Peacock Canada, Leigh Holland Keen- Australia

Womens 82.5kgs Class
Ainslee Gordon – Australia, Cristina Crass – USA

Womens Open
Chantelle Clark – Australia, Jennie Bell – New Zealand, Louise Edwards – Australia

Mens 80kgs
Patrick Castelli – Australia/USA, Les Grills – Australia, Steve Van Steytler – Australia

Mens 90kgs
Dale McPherson – England, Brett Lanier – USA, Jake Taylor – Australia

Mens 105kgs
Matt Lynch Blanch – Australia, Isaac Maze – Canada, Andrew Stuart – Australia

Open Men
Ben Williams – England, Jean Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco) – Australia, Ahmad Taufiq Mohammed – Singapore

If you want to watch the event live, it will be streamed in 720p HD:
Live Stream Link:
Link to watch the Live Stream this Sunday morning from 8:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time, 20th May.
– Los Angeles, USA: 1:00pm Saturday 19th May
– London, England: 11:00pm Saturday 19th May

As an aside, while writing this up, I had two different local media companies contact me about the event asking “Could we do a feature on your woodchopping competition?” Meaning they had confused Log Lifting with woodchopping. If there is one thing people can take from this weekends event, please show off the sport you love to more people so they also understand what it is and why we love it.

See you all Live on Sunday! Get your tickets here: http://www.staticmonsters.com/2018/03/01/spectator-tickets-now-available-for-the-static-monsters-world-championships/



Event Supporters:
2018 Static Monsters World Championships Supporters:
ñ Cocoís Gym ñ http://www.cocosgym.com.au/
ñ All Metal Magic ñ http://www.allmetalmagic.com.au/
ñ Tangalooma Island Resort ñ https://www.tangalooma.com/
ñ Nutrition Warehouse (Ashmore) ñ https://www.nutritionwarehouse.com.au/
ñ Champion Physiotherapy ñ http://championphysio.com/brisbane/


Full event details here:

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