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2018 Worlds Strongest Man Athlete List

The Worlds Strongest Man has released who the 30 athletes are who will be competing for the title this April in the Philippines.

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If the image is blurry click open image Above is the final athlete list barring injury and other issues released by The World’s Strongest Man on their Facebook page.


The most notable athlete missing is 2017 champion Eddie Hall who retired from competing at Worlds Strongest Man after winning the contest last year. Other notable athletes include Jerry Pritchett, Dimitar Savatinov, Rauno Heinla amongst others.  New comers to the contest include Iron Bibby, Adam Derks, Rongo Keene and Marius Lalas. Also of note is that Vytatus Lalas 2012 runner up is back. The clear favorites this year are Hafthor Bjornsson and Brian Shaw. Hafthor looked unstoppable winning the 2018 Arnold Classic  but 4x Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw was not far behind and will have the benefit of not having just competed at Europes Strongest Man a few weeks prior like Hafthor, Zydrunas and many others. Zydrunas Savickas who has also won the title four times has looked very strong preparing for the log lift world championships and Europes Strongest Man. Zydrunas took 9th place last year but was coming back from an injury. Europes Strongest Man should be a good indicator of how healthy Big Z is and if he can perhaps take home his fifth title.   Other Worlds Strongest Man News Events announced Date & Location announced  Worlds Strongest Man Headed to the Philippines 

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