The Rogue record breakers have became an event to look forward to every Sunday at the Arnold sports festival in the past few years. This year, they brought Strongwomen up onto the main stage to attempt to set a new Atlas Stone world record.

Event Preview

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The Strongwomen Leifa Ingalls (USA), Olga Liaschuk (Ukraine), Donna Moore (United Kingdom), Kristen Rhodes (USA) were all to lift an atlas stone without the assistance of tacky over a 44″ bar. First, they attempted a 309lb stone and all athletes were successful.

When the new challenge of a 324lb stone came out, there was some very close attempts by the athletes. But only the 2018 World’s Strongest Woman and 2018 Arnold champion was successful in her attempt, and loaded the 324lb stone for not one, but two reps to break the world record.

You can follow Donna Moore on Instagram @donna_moore_strongwoman

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