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2018 Worlds Strongest Man Events

A contest, where news is perennially held in secrecy, we are finally starting to get some information on the 2018 Worlds Strongest Man competition. After a very static and heavy 2017 contest, it looks like we are going back to more medleys and events that were familiar at Worlds Strongest Man 10 years ago, including the barrel squat and deadlift.

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These events are not official and subject to change as always, but the rumblings are that the contest will be held in late April possibly in the Philippines with the events below.

Heats (Qualifiers)

  • Load and Drag
  • Load and Farmer’s Walk
  • Truck Pull
  • Overhead Press (Dumbbell)
  • Overhead Press (Log)
  • Arm Over Arm
  • Toss
  • Squat with loading barrels
  • Deadlift with loading barrels
  • Atlas Stones

To explain the above and why there is 10 events the heats all get different events from the above list generally with 5 or 6 events so one group will get Log OR Dumbbell and Squat OR Deadlift for example.

Another item of note is that the last man standing stones from last year appears to be gone.  The reintroduction of the barrel squat and deadlift is a fun addition a long with events such as arm over arm, doing a drag or farmers after the load shows Worlds Strongest Man is going back to a more athletic direction.

Finals Events
  • Frame Carry
  • Car Deadlift
  • Loading Race
  • Truck Pull
  • Max Overhead
  • Atlas Stones

The big news for the finals is that a test of grip is back with the frame carry, a more dynamic event with the loading race medley and a max overhead event.

The above is the best information we have to go on but it is not officially confirmed.

With those events who do you see being the 2018 Worlds Strongest Man?



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